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  1. poopbutt

    2J harness / ECU for x63 swap

    I'm an engineer...that makes seats. If you have any questions about mold flow of polyurethane foams or want to debate foamed vinyl vs solid I'm here. Turns out that that engineer doesn't mean old Toyota electronics expert so you can suck my balls. r154 is a done deal and picked it up cheap. are there any ecu's that don't have an immobilizer at all? I'll build the harness on my own. x63 chassis wiring is super simple; just need to find the right parts to start with since its a vvti motor. of course anything is possible. seems like most ecu's are from auto cars so was curious how practical it is to use an auto ecu and make it run right.
  2. poopbutt

    2J harness / ECU for x63 swap

    second post (intro done; post nudes or dicks or whatever needs to be done) trying to figure out what ecu / harness I need to start with for a ge swap into an x63 cress. I've looked all over but I must not know the magic keywords or something plus Lexus forums make me what to stab my eyeballs out. I know that the immobilizer is a little bitch and that there's a bajillion diiferent places I can make a bad decision for what to pick up. We don't want or need a standalone for this car so trying not to spend spend ~$500 dollars on something for a car barely worth four digits. I've been told 99-00 GS300 ecu / harness is the way to go but I don't know whats special about it. Here's my questions, organized: 1) What should I be looking for? The car is an 81 and the motor is out of an 00 or 01 gs300 with an adapted R154. Does not have the original harness but the African dude who sold it to us tossed an 01 is harness in the bed when we were leaving. 2) Can the immobilizer be disabled? (presumably pay $$, not DIY) Ultimately, I can get the transponder/ring/etc but it'd be easy to just not. 3) How possible is it to not have a CEL when all is said and done? I've seen these motors fun on a pallet with a fuel pump in a gas can so it can't be hard. There's just so much fucking misinformation on the internet / real world. Thanks boiz