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  1. The Government

    Ebay Fuel Rail

    Just measured them i guess they are 10.5mm injectors ;/ and it said 11mm when i bought them.
  2. The Government

    Ebay Fuel Rail

    Yeah I fucked up and bought a $50 ebay fuel rail cause i kept seeing how people haven't had problems with them. Problem is, mine keeps tearing my o-rings. All the injector feed inlets are machined smooth. The o-rings that came with my 550cc Nikki injectors (12mm honda ones) lasted me about a week and then started leaking because they had developed a bunch of gashes. And yes, I lubed them up before installing. Tried 11mm denso ones and they also failed, and then tried some other 12mm honda ones (the green ones, Viton i think?) and they literally get cuts in them from the fuel pressure or something. The rail doesnt leak when it's pressurized, but what would happen is that it would initially spray fuel once pressure built, and then seal. Once you turn the fuel pump off and let the fuel rail depressurize, you'll notice some small amounts of fuel leaking past the o rings. Gasoline has a very low surface tension, so it likes to find its way through pores/tears/cracks very easily. Anyone have this issue? I haven't got a chance to measure the diameter of the injectors and fuel feed injector inlet with some calipers, but does anyone know the acceptable tolerance between an injector and the inlet? Sorry for being a fucking tard and buying an ebay rail. Thanks in advance.