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  1. BKCressida1718

    Desperately need jz coilpack

    i got a set also
  2. BKCressida1718

    F/S: Aristo Front Sump OIL PAN Setup

    still available
  3. BKCressida1718

    F/S: JDM Cressida Headlights

    these are sold by the way
  4. BKCressida1718

    F/S: JDM Cressida Headlights

    I ordered an adapter for the 9004 harness from ebay which is included. Not sure about the bulbs, didn't care for them cuz I was gonna go HIDs all around anyway.
  5. BKCressida1718

    F/S: JDM Cressida Headlights

    x8 my bad
  6. BKCressida1718

    F/S: JDM Cressida Headlights

    Selling a set of JDM Headlights. These are basically the stock headlights with intergrated fogs. I got these from Gordo like a year ago on the other forums. Didn't use them and I'm selling my car so I figured I give forums members a chance to have these lights as opposed to someone that knows nothing about them. I believe I paid Gordo $350 shipped so lets start there......
  7. thanks man. i'm actually not a fan of mudflaps but I'm afraid of what rust or rot could be exposed lol. still working out some kinks and such.
  8. its been running for a while just not on the road and the piping wasn't completed. lol gordo the horns and stuff are getting swapped out. the car been sitting for almost two years bro. and whoremouth, I was referring to the tt setup. the issue I have with using the 7mgte electronics, its like buying a modern laptop/computer and running windows 95 on it. 7mgtes use mafs, most harnesses and plugs are brittle, sensors need changing, etc.
  9. Not sure if I was the first one to successfully do this in a Cressida but oh well not really too concerned with that. Bought the car in 2011 with a bhg with the intentions of going 1jz vvti but all the motors in the area were greasy messes and missing stuff or too expensive. 2jzge can be had all day for <$500 all day so I said why not. I refused to go the familiar route of using the ge ecu because its either you stack piggybacks or go standalone after a while until I stumbled upon this setup on the clublexus forums. Spent the next couple of years gathering info on the setup and parts. Heres the info on the car: Engine 2jzge engine with stock hg and harness out of a 1st Gen gs300 with brand new valve cover gaskets, seals, brand new clutch fan (from a ls400), with the EGR removed. Brand new radiator SS power steering line XM 91-92 engine brackets Turbo setup T67 turbo kit for a 2jzgte from driftmotion.com which includes: 3in downpipe, 40mm 4 bolt wastegate (11psi spring) 2jzge Ebay turbo exhaust manifold -10an oil drain -3 oil feed with -4 adapter Coilpacks and Ignitor from a 2000 Lexus gs300 1jz/2jz Map sensor 440 injectors and resistor pack from a Mk3 Turbo Toyota Supra 2jzgte Auto Ecu and IAT AEM wideband and HKS Boost gauge EGR blockoff plates Spearco Replica Intercooler and custom piping Drivetrain W58 (non-turbo) transmission out of a '89 Supra along with driveshaft, pedals, and slave and master cylinders 2jz bellhousing and flywheel ARP flywheel and pressure plate bolts XTD 6 puck clutch disc and pressure plate SS clutch line Suspension JIC front coilovers from a JZX81 (Toyota Chaser) S13 swaybar links New Driver side RLCA and axle S13 Cusco Rear coilovers T3 RCAs Interior Grey Cloth Interior JDM Mk4 Supra 3-spoke steering wheel Gauge Installation kit to replace clock When I first purchased it After installing the suspension purchased by DiscoShit Getting the wiring done by my boy JDMCRESS Waiting to do the IC installation Cockpit Shot After IC and piping Installed After getting the exhaust installed Car runs and idles as stock and pulls hard. This was done as a budget build so I'll probably leave it as it is for while but we all know how that power bug bites so we'll see, Next on agenda is definitely getting new wheels These were only put on to tow the car back and forth and ended up staying on so don't be too harsh lol. Those interested in the swap, I can and will answer what ever questions that may be asked.
  10. BKCressida1718

    F/S: Aristo Front Sump OIL PAN Setup

    still available
  11. BKCressida1718

    F/S: Aristo Front Sump OIL PAN Setup

  12. BKCressida1718

    Project x7 w/ 2jz/r154

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ yea same for me for 10k.
  13. BKCressida1718

    F/S: Aristo Front Sump OIL PAN Setup

    150 shipped???????????