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  1. Well sold the Cressida two years ago. Some random kid from Ohio fly down and bought it. Shipped it back. Never seen or heard from it again. Recently picked up this IS300 after flipping around some cars. (Another Cressida kouki non abs non sunroof car. It’s going to one of homies in Chicago for a reshell and a SR86 That was a trashcan) its a beams swapped car, kinda dumb but also super into it. Sold the big dumb shiny wheels. Put my maxxis and Nardi in it. Doing research and gonna finish up the wiring to start driving this thing.
  2. It's getting trim delete. I just hate ordering from s9 so I put it off
  3. Probably thought I was gone, but nah I'm back
  4. Curly

    FS: 1991 Toyota Mark II

    I need to know where this car is right now
  5. Got bored of tucking and wanted proper fitment. I'm glad I did it too
  6. I'm back The car was blue for a hot min Then it wasn't, got different wheels and stuff Now we here
  7. 1. My shit is sick 2. That's it 3. Just kidding, really it sucks.
  8. Brandon's car is cool. Yeah I should probably have XM build my car like oki dumbass. Then slap some shitty vinyl on it and suck some dick to get into final bout. But don't relate me to Kyle. Fuck that loser. And yeah I put glass into a mold. But I've done properly over and over. Let's see you losers do that and have it even come out of the mold. Lmao. Don't forget that my front overs are maybe 30% still s9 and made corner light surrounds, with zero reference to any other fender. But hey I'm a idiot. No clue what I'm doing. Still all you can do is cry about a wheel arch and mirrors. Brought this car out of the gutter. Actually made the front fit and not look like a retard tightened some bolts. 🤷 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Breaking cars also cool. Wish del drove tho. But fr Austin and Derek King need to lay off the vinyl.
  9. I still wanna know how you got into final bout oki with that trash ass car stylin and vinyl. is that what you get when xm builds your car?
  10. Your right you can't drift a car that doesn't leave the shop. Sorry drift master oki you fucking loser lmao
  11. But one thing you got right is, I won't spray my car. I do fiberglass and body work, not spraying.