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  1. x35wagon

    7mge in a rx35, done before?

    What do you want with my e-mail?
  2. x35wagon

    7mge in a rx35, done before?

    Haha okei,well if i had a 22r i wouldnt be in here crying.. the problem is that i have an 18r with 400 000 km on it! For me it will be cheaper to just put in the 7m i got than to put money into that old shit.
  3. x35wagon

    7mge in a rx35, done before?

    I'm sorry, but what rules have i broken?
  4. x35wagon

    7mge in a rx35, done before?

    Hey! I'm new to this forum stuff but here i am, trying to get help for my stupid build. I'm from Norway and got a hold of a run down, stupid cheap rx35. The problem i have is the 18r engine, it's shit! Here in Norway the jz engines is double the prize of what I paid for the car so that’s not gonna happen on my budget, so I got a hold of an 7mge that I want to put in. I already got the engine so don’t try to talk me out if it. I was wondering, has anybody done this type of build before? People have probably done the m to 7m builds and jz/uz builds but I haven’t seen anybody do an R to M conversion? It’s my first Cressida engine swap so I need all the help I can get. If anybody has done an mx30 7mge swap, you could probably help me as well. Any info I can get about x3-7m builds would be appreciated. (and yes I have googled the hell out of this shit…) Things I need help with is; tailshaft diff/rear axle gearbox sump/oil pickup engine mounts