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  1. tdurr

    my cressida is the Chump

    I appreciate the fact you felt the need to go out and write all this for me. I take all of what you said to heart. Nah not really. I am impressed you manged to care enough to write all that out. The cressida is my back up car so Idk. No need to go balls out. Just doing stuff little bit by little bit. You would really hate me if you saw what my main money pit is. & gramps, you are pretty close. They are steel wheels from Merica. 16x8 0 offset. Nothing fancy at all but looks 10x better than the oem wheels with the baked on brake dust from 30 years of organic pads. Next post it prob will be on a flatbed for something stupid for sure.
  2. tdurr

    my cressida is the Chump

    Been a while since i posed in here(like yall care) So I figured id post a few things. Lets seee... Um ive broke the same u-joint 2 times in my driveshaft. Once shifting hard from 1st to 2nd, second time was trying to do a burn out and idk shit just went bad. Got a temp replacement, then added a solid trans mount. Next thing that was big.... I added a trailer hitch so i could pull my grom around. Fuck buying a truck. Added solid engine mounts not long ago & been loving it. Idk why i didnt do that off the jump. Fixed a leaking dizzy o-ring, got shorter inserts for the front coilovers so i could level the car out better. & a few weeks ago i got new wheels. I'm not posting any pics because i havent uploaded any pics to my photobucket bc fuck them. & i cant upload them from my phone right now. O well. Ill go back to doing stuff.
  3. tdurr

    my cressida is the Chump

    Welp small update. Last week I had my wisdom teeth pulled, and decided to make use of my sick days by driving back to ga to finish the car. Pulled the trans Friday and dropped the eBay clutch off to our local clutch guy to get a new everything made. Got a call sat at noon saying it was done. New pp, disk, to, & flywheel surfacing for 240. Threw that shit in the car sat, started raining as I was getting close to being done so i stopped. Finished it Sunday and drove the car all of a mile that day(had other stuff going on) then Monday did some running around and drove the fucker back to bama & washed it at 1030pm. Was a long weekend but now I think i got my turd of a car back. Only sucked up like 7x as much $$$ as I wanted and is still slow as shit. Fuck me right? Edit: also swapped tacos and now I know my rpm. Its pretty swell to know that.
  4. Glad your still doing stuff.
  5. tdurr

    my cressida is the Chump

    I hate living 3 hours away from my car. I finally got a cluster so hopefully I can see the rpm of the engine. It never worked since i bought the car lol
  6. tdurr

    my cressida is the Chump

    I'm not a huge fan of carbs. Mainly because I don't understand their voodo powers. But a boosted 20r would be cool.... Meh ill consider it when I get around to spending money on that car.
  7. tdurr

    my cressida is the Chump

    All i really want to do is drive this turd. I went na because new chassis to me and didn't want to dive into a full project before i got to enjoy it even a little bit. I know I like turbo noises but my Honda was filling that desire at the time. Its funny to watch people look confused when ur 80's Honda keeps up with w/e their driving. I think once i get the cressida running decent enough to daily I'm gonna focus on doing a beams swap in my corona. But if it happens it would have to be before I go overseas in the fall/winter.
  8. tdurr

    my cressida is the Chump

    Right? At this point I could've have bought a 1jz. And be way good. But o well you live & learn. & that clutch is next on the list of things to go. I only bought it because it came with a flywheel when I didn't have one.
  9. tdurr

    my cressida is the Chump

    Oh dang been a long time. Well I know yall don't care but I'm going to let you know how I've been doing. Where to start... Umm yea so I was coming back from bama sometime last year, started hearing a weird sound on the hwy, car was overheating, & trying to turn off. Look up 5 miles to the next exit. Sitting in the side of the hwy in bumble fuck bama sucks(sucks even more when your black) so I limped it to the closest gass station, then find out its no oil was in it & sounded like a rock was inside the pan when it was at any rpm over idle. Called friends, they picked me up & towed the car back to ga. Got tired of fucking with it, sat in my driveway for like 8 months then I moved. Put the car at a friends house down the road. Well about a month ago while pulling into a car meet in my Honda, the wg said fuck "This I'm out" So in turn I said fuck you. And started making plans for the cressida. Debated going 1j,1.5, get, but I wanted to just drive the car so opted for just grabbing a na from a junkyard and rolling with it. Decided to ditch the goofy intake, and just do the standard 2j stuff. I still got the other crazy intake and the RMR tb in the trunk but meh it can wait. Almost drove the car back to bama yesterday but a few small problems stopped me. Hopefully I'll be back in the driver seat of the x7 soon and feel like a dirty grandpa.
  10. ^^^^ fuck man. sorry to hear that. Glad you got a new car to for parts/to swap over but suck to either have to swap shells or try and buff out this one. Why no police report if you dont mind me asking?
  11. how much did that material cost?