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  1. cityslicker

    The Junkyard Supercar

    cool, keep it up!
  2. cityslicker

    Tundra Slut-0-Matic (mx32,7mge,a340e)

    Holy fuck that bay looks flawless. Is the client planning to keep the factory wheels?
  3. Did not realize that was an NSX, too busy eyeballing that sedan
  4. cityslicker

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    what fan/shroud are you using? wiring looks so clean
  5. cityslicker

    X pics only!!!!

  6. cityslicker

    X pics only!!!!

    ^ those look like VW headlights, not feeling the stock bumpers but damn they look good with some work
  7. cityslicker

    1JZ Bible

    Original link's no longer hosted, you got a new link/cached copy by chance?
  8. I'm with Gordo on this one. greens the way to go
  9. cityslicker

    X pics only!!!!

    I'm loving the lights on these, don't mind the monster-piss green
  10. cityslicker

    X pics only!!!!

  11. cityslicker

    Teddy Roosevelt rides a moose

    stealth mode burnout
  12. cityslicker


    Sweet, this is super helpful
  13. cityslicker

    Its like this and like that and like this and ah

    Atleast it'll be easy to spot leaks with that clean ass bay. Any suspension in the works?
  14. cityslicker

    Something Clever (VVti 1jz into mx83)

    Sick car man! The tint looks killer