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    JZX110 Codes/Problems

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  2. BoostedManiac

    JZX110 Codes/Problems

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  3. BoostedManiac

    JZX110 Codes/Problems

    Hey guys, i'm new to this forum. I have a 1998 GS300 with a JZX110 Auto swap. Here is a little background to the car. I bought this car with an Aristo swap and a big single back in 2012, the car had issues from the get go. I flew to NY to buy the car, and drove it back to Missouri, where I lived at the time. 20 min after picking up the car, it started to over heat. great. I pull over and fill up the radiator with water and keep going. I ended up having to The car is mostly stock with exhaust, a FMIC and an aftermarket intake filter and tube. I am currently having some issues. The car starts and idles fine, but when I try to rev the engine, it cuts out and sounds like a miss (like the MAF is bad or not connected). I can drive the car but it falls on its face when I get to about 2krpm, when it starts getting into boost. Also, I cannot get the shift lock to work properly, I haven't chased the wires from the shift lock solenoid to the engine compartment yet, as I was trying to get the engine to run properly first. I was able to pull the codes off the ecu and ended up with 21, 31, 75. I looked them up a found what I believe them to be 21- o2 sensor, 31- MAF sensor and 75 I can't find anything about it. I'm not the best when it comes to electrical or wiring, so i'm asking for some advice/help on how to test the sensors or the wiring to the sensors. Here is a video of what the car does when I attempt to rev the engine, the RPMS stop and come back down with my foot still pushing the throttle. Sorry I couldn't figure out how to embed it. https://youtu.be/f1jDKY3TiEI Any help is appreciated. -Adam