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    Bought a Mark II JZX81

    @AcidTrip Early 90's Lexus (ES, LS) used the same black / gray two tone, I would just use the codes from those since they're readily available codes to mix. Or if you're feeling spicy, you can use codes from newer cars with more pearls and micas, but we know mayonnaise ranks an 8/10 on your 1-10 spicy scale, so I won't expect much creativity.

    [HIZOKU] PIG EYE Streeter

    That really is the coolest 2JZ spark plug cover. Also, GTE valve covers on N/A ITB setup is the business. I dislike the depression in the GE valve covers to compensate for the intake manifold crossover.

    Rear Upper Control Arm ball joint cheap fix

    To be fair, XM does make RLCAs that zero out, but you have to specify that is what you want when you order them. Otherwise their default is to send you longer RLCAs that will allow for more camber since most of these new wave Cressida builders are more about sick fitment and wide wheels than 0 degrees of camber. To your point though, they should make this more clear in their description for the arms on their website. I asked them to make mine shorter so I could zero out my camber on stock body and they did and my XM arms zero out rear camber, so I know it's possible, but in default form, it's not possible.

    Curse of the Cressida

    Yeah, same with the GS300/Aristo. That's why my ECU is in the engine bay. The factory Aristo harness is not long enough to get into the cabin.

    Curse of the Cressida

    Mmmm pls post a pic of Gita. Also, to answer your question about amperage. The amperage ratings of the wire according to the chart are for constant amps. I believe. I think the wire will be okay for short spikes of higher amperage, but not for long durations. I say this because on my 2ga battery relocation wire, I have an inline 200a circuit breaker. According to the chart, the wire for the length is rated for 200a, but the battery is rated for 800 CCA. IDK how all that works, but all I know is I have a circuit breaker rated for the safe amperage of the wire and I don't have issues.

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    3M calls them interface pads, but yeah they're the soft and hard hook-it pads you use between the DA and the paper. It may seem self explanatory for someone who has used a DA, but this is imperative info that's commonly left out.

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    don't tell him to get a DA sander and not tell him about intermediate pads lol. You're going to make the man end up with an x8 that is as square as an x7.

    NAC's pile of unrelated garbage shitposting

    Lmao! 10/10 great toilet seat content.

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    Demesio feel free to bounce. Nobody is bitching except you and I don't see where anybody asked for your advice. Thanks for the info Casey. I'll keep that in mind when I go standalone, but the car runs mint as is with the factory shit, so I'm satisfied.

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    I guess that's equally annoying as not being able to connect at all..
  11. To add value to this thread, 4 piston and 6 piston CTS-V brake caliper brackets were launched earlier this year for X8 application. I'd really like a set although I'm sure my Nissan 4-pots are plenty good enough. https://scgperformance.ca/collections/scg-products/products/x8-cressida-ctsv-big-brake-kit?fbclid=IwAR2t5OI6fJimd4asD_y1nRwOX8MZ5JeMzsZAFLRjZJliiJxAgyIWRmeSiLg
  12. Those look convenient. The thing about the XM rear arms is they aren't really easy to adjust once installed. But they are pretty beefy which is nice. The finish and pillow balls look like nice quality on these Hardrace pieces.

    Back to Life

    Mother nature is not nice to these cars where you live. Wow.

    Curse of the Cressida

    There is another chart that is a bit more expansive on the smaller gauge wire amp ratings that would be a bit more pertinent to wiring headlights and fans.

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    I know that man, I said that I had the $10 Torque Pro app a couple posts up. Thanks for that link though!