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    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    @battleaxe I totally agree. I’ve seen cars go from a complete miss to an absolute hit, just by adjusting the ride height and literally that’s all 90% of F&F cars needed. @Urrik definitely big gay because these are Work XT7’s, not gramlights lol. I’m done with colored wheels. It hasn’t really worked on this car to be honest. I know what you mean by cookie cutter VSKFs though. They are so popular yet so disgusting. Also, I’d like to know your take on the car of her people, because if it ain’t a 4’-11” latina behind the wheel of a long ass 1998 chevy suburban with a sticker on the entire back window that says “Durango” and a smaller sticker that says, in memory of Gloria Lopez Lopez - 1974-2008, then idk what you mean. @tuner4life Thank you so much dude! I definitely think cars should be driven and driven hard is the best way to enjoy them. In the same breath it’s not enough to drive hard. You have to look cool doing it otherwise it’s boring. Like many have said, “drifting is a rolling car show.” I’ve seen kids throw down some aggressive lines consistently, but it’s not anything worth filming imo because the car looks like shit. There was a big event down here last year and there was one kid with a stockish frs with angle mods I remember commenting, “damn he’s driving hard and consistently running the wall.” Since the event, I’ve probably only seen one photo or clip of the kid’s car the entire two day event. I guess being a good driver is not enough to get spot light, people just don’t want to photograph ugly cars.

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    @Jason the Avalon is a BIG car, but side by side in the garage, they’re damn near the same length. The Subaru is the shortest. I think the width and height of the cars do most of the talking in this picture. It is a BIGWIN kit. So in a sense, yes it’s what the S9 series 1 kit looks like. @battleaxe agreed. I wanna see cool Cressidas come up, but damn do 90% of them suck. I feel like a pretentious hater, but there’s just not much to like. Cut corners, bad taste/style, no vision/imagination, cookie cutter. I mean I guess the same could be said about my car, I have the most overused bodykit albeit the authentic one, two tone and dummy chrome wheels, but I never built the car to change the Cressida game or do something that’s never been done. I just want a clean reliable drift car that stands out. @Urrik my fiancée is Mexican so we definitely partake in front yard fiestas lol

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    Thanks dudes! Yeah these cars really suck for wheel fitment on stock body. Not much room for barrel or lip lol. I’m super pumped on the outcome of the Ganador adaptation. It took quite a bit of time to shape them, but essentially now having a set of Ganadors for 1/3 the going rate. Yes definitely build a sim. I’d say I’m in $1,100 into my setup including the computer and the results and use I get out of it is worth every penny. I’ve gotten some media exposure offers and I’m still self conflicted. I want to exploit my car and my work to prove Cressidas CAN be cool, but also, I know that 90% of the audience is a bunch of mouth breathers ready to tax any affordable drift chassis. It sucks what the internet has done to JZX100’s because not long ago you could get a decent Tourer V for $7k, but now by the time I’ll be able to afford one, I’ll be paying more than what most new cars cost. Sickening. Gordo, thanks dude! Also I wouldn’t wait too long, I know you’re already one foot in the grave, ya fucking boomer. Urrik, HAHA yeah I kinda did like how easy oil changes were on my EJ with the filter facing down. My sister has the new Forester with the filter up top and I agree, the oil changes are pretty swift. But also, it’s kind of useless to have it up top because you have to jack up the car to drain the oil anyway. Lol

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    Random shit: I bought a house for all my toys. Engine bay is clean I bought a spin turn knob from SerialNine. Even though I had a drift knob, I like the way this one matches my interior better. I worked on getting my sim rig built. Do you recognize the seat? Check out the built in e-brake! and cup holder Does anyone on here use Assetto Corsa? It has helped my confidence and skill drifting exponentially. Especially since I can practice more technical maneuvers without fear of crashing my real car. The simulator translates very well into muscle memory that applies when drifting for real. It was a great investment. The End for Now.

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    As much as I tried to make 17's work, I was never truly happy with how my car looked. I caved in and went with 18's. She's close boys YUHHH DAS ET MAYNE

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    Ready for the drift event. New oil cooler setup, new mirrors, fresh painted bumper and I lowered it a little. Can you spot Matt Panic Moose Burgers

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    Back to Cressida shit, in preparation for the Showdown II drift event in Tucson, I decided to try and work on some cooling modifications. Starting with an external oil cooler. I went with a 36 row Setrab with Driftmotion's billet relocation kit and a Mocal 185 degree thermostat. I began mocking up the position of the oil cooler in front of the radiator and mocked up some ducting with cardboard to be executed with aluminum. I didn't get fancy with the oil cooler placement as I was under a time constraint with the event quickly approaching. I also designed a bracket to support my intercooler and brace the oil cooler. Turned out very solid. Then I started running the lines and intstalling the oil cooler. I'm pretty pumped with where I was able to relocate the oil filter to. This should definitely help keep oil changes easy and clean. It looks tight in the picture, but I can remove the oil filter without interfering with the subframe. I guess I don't have a picture of how the ducting turned out, so here's a picture of my templates. lol

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    I know this isn't a Subaru group, but this is my thread. Deal with it and let me learn ya. After 165k miles on the original engine of my STi, I was finally feeling symptoms of a tired motor with low compression in cylinder 2. Was at like 60psi... lol. I have connections in the Subaru world, so I had my friend at the dealer snag me an OEM short block for a 2019 STi type RA along with many other maintenance goodies. Fucking yeeeted that shit I got my heads reconditioned Long block assembled. Fully dressed. First start was successful and I am still currently in the process of breaking it in. I don't drive it very often so it may be a while. Haha. Then, the TRD Camry started hitting dealerships. I was very interested in purchasing one for my lady to commute with to replace our 2017 Camry. So I was working very closely with a dealership I like and they kept my notified when they had a TRD Camry being shipped to the dealership. Well the day it got unloaded of the truck, I went to the dealership to buy it and it got purchased from under my feet. After the dealer trying to sell me on a Camry XSE, I drove home with this 2020 TRD Avalon sitting on their showroom floor with 12 miles on it. I'm in love with this car. It is so good. So, the TRD doesn't have much more performance upgrades done to it to make it faster. It's more of an aesthetics package and that's totally cool with me. My lady is not a fast driver, I just want something cool and luxurious to drive around town in and this car totally checks those boxes and more. Also, it's an XX chassis, so that means it's double the X-chassis and double the cool right?

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    Side note: My friend in Japan attended the annual x81 "departure meeting" where many of Japan's remaining x81 enthusiasts gather near the base of mount Fuji. This year a magazine about the meet was published and he sent me a copy. There is also a section in the magazine that includes a picture of every car in attendance. There are about 10 pages worth of cars that attended.

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    As some of you may know, Ganador never made X8 mirrors. Some people have had good success with retrofitting S13 Ganadors, but with the price of Ganadors exceeding $800, I was not interested. After discussing interest in Ganadors with my friend in Japan, he messaged me and said there was a set of Ganadors that had a similar shape base plate to X8. Me being willing to process and modify the mirrors to fit, I happily sent him $300 to ship me the mirrors. they came with the desired Blue convex lenses as well. They were originally the "carbon" finish mirrors, but as you can see, the hydrodip is long gone. No loss as I would be paint matching them. I was very surprised and pleased to find they were very close to fitting as is. None of the hardware lined up, but the overall shape was workable. Originally I had planned to modify the mirrors with fiberglass, but much to my surprise, Ganador mirror bases are cast aluminum, so my plan totally flipped. We are going to modify these with welding. As you can tell between OEM (left) and modified (right), there was significant shaping and changes that took place. It took about 20 shop hours minimum to weld and shape both mirrors into symmetrical units. I'm super happy with how they turned out and I have to credit all the work to Marc with @buildradstuff . He always comes through with beautiful metal artwork when I bring him these projects. Paint After over 2 years of daily driving the Cressida and more than 20K miles, there was a lot of rock chips on the bumper, so I had it repainted as well in preparation for an upcoming drift event I was very excited for.

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    Sorry for the 10 month hiatus, but I have good reason for my absence. Looking back at what I have done since my last update, I'm pretty proud of what I've accomplished on not just my car, but on myself in general. I guess I will begin the updates chronologically starting back in Aug. 2019 I received some fender markers from my friend in Australia. due to their age, the fiber optics that are used to illuminate the fender markers are very dim, so I gutted them and updated the markers with 5mm LED diodes. I used "yellow" LEDs in attempt to match my fog lights. This is the marker with LEDs and resistor installed. I made some templates to use for cutting the holes in my fender for the markers to clip into. Turned out very well. I'm not surprised. They turned out to be a bit more orange than I planned, but I don't mind it honestly. It gives me vibes from the old school cars with fender turn indicators.

    Sleeper MX83 build

    Glad I read through the updates on your thread man. Nice work on the wheel arched tucking 275's. TR-2CD, finally another man of culture. I wouldn't worry about the clutch material thickness. My buddies from Japan say their OS Gikens will out last cars and engines 10+ years. I love my TR-2CD. After 2 years, I have over 20k of daily driven miles, countless drift events, and a lot of aggressive driving and it still engages the same as new. Worthwhile investment. Excited to see this thing driving and painted. Make sure you get the fitment A1 prior to paint since paint really doesn't like being pulled and since you put body filler on your rear arches, any massaging will crack the filler. Edit: Fuck Collin Edit Edit: and fly by night Russian FRP manufacturers.

    Sleeper MX83 build

    those 6-piston calipers look sooo good! Glad your build is still progressing. You can get a good 1"-1.5" of more front fender clearance on the factory metal fenders with a roll/pull. @AcidTrip was telling me it's almost better to just stick with factory fenders because the "+50mm" front fenders a lot of these companies sell hardly give much more clearance than what can be achieved on a factory fender. Then you have to deal with fiberglass which doesn't like any sort of rubbing/flexing

    SCG 6 piston bracket kit

    GLWS man. I want the 4-piston kit

    Fiberglass parts D_ApexWorks mx83/jzx81

    Sad to read about all of the negative experiences. I had high hopes for these Russians. I wouldn't be surprised if their reach was more successful than they anticipated and order qty exceeded far more than their capable output. Companies start small and seek social media to extend their reach, but social media is a funnel and you go from 1-2 orders to 50-100 with one good post. Any normal up and coming company is not prepared for this. A lot of orders end up taking too long to complete or get missed entirely. Customers get ripped while it may not necessarily be the company's intentions. Bad reviews start surfacing. Orders stop flowing. Bad reputation hangs around. Company fails. Obviously this may be a bit exaggerated, but not totally off path. Fingers crossed you eventually get your product Casey.