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  1. Separate for ethanol? Get a flex fuel sensor and 1200s or so. Will still be cheaper that 12. If you are getting a newer stand alone it should​ be able to handle flex fuel.
  2. I guess I will start my build thread here now since Gordo wants to yell at me. Bought the car with a locked up motor, I guess JZ motors can blow up... Anyway took everything apart and found a spun bearing. After taking it apart my neighbor/machinist recommended that he clean everything up and hone the cylinders. This just gave me a reason to buy forged internals. 2JZ pistons Suprastore chinese rods. At least if I have a problem with these there is someone here in the states I can contact. Here is the engine that everyone hates so much once I got it back from the machine shop.
  3. rkc14

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    USB-C.....are you nerdy enough to have a Nexus? Car sounds great by the way.
  4. Yeah i know. It wasn't suppose to be this long. But yeah I haven't wanted to deal with it yet. Definitely gonna take the covers off to do that. Just not sure how yet.
  5. Slow progress, but progress none the less. Bumper bar is mocked up. Just tacked together right now. Once it is fully welded I will clean it and paint it. Went to my grandparents house over the holiday. I had to repeatedly tell myself I don't need another project
  6. rkc14

    Alternator Woes

    Bump for update on the driftmotion alternators. I am looking to upgrade mine and wondering how well everyones has held up.
  7. rkc14

    Stock 1JZ stuff

    All of these items are off of an early non-vvti 1JZ-GTE. I try and use flat rate boxes whenever I can I was planning on using all this stuff on my build, but I am using 1ZZFE coils instead. Ignitor, $60 shipped I have fresh connectors and pins I will include with it. Coils, with brackets, and fresh connectors, $145 shipped. One of the boots does have a tare in it I also have a driftmotion 60-1 turbo if anyone is interested, which I doubt, PM me.
  8. rkc14

    Stock 1JZ stuff

    Still have this stuff.
  9. Demesio, I am kinda thinking the same thing. Things I hear; It takes too much to wire it in. I was making a whole new harness anyway. Throttle lags the pedal action. That can be tuned out. We can set 100% pedal is 80% throttle, or go full asshole mode where 20% pedal is 100% throttle, or any whatever we want. I don't trust electronic throttles. They seem to be holding up fine so far. What happens if the cable breaks on a hardwired throttle? I think that most of these complaints come from factory cars which have been purposefully made to be dumb like that. I see more pros than cons personally. We can add Traction control, WHICH CAN BE TURNED ON AND OFF. We can add in a valet mode so that the car will never see more that XX% throttle. Safety parameters can be set so that if the ECU sees that something is wrong it can force the car into true limp mode not allowing more that XX% throttle. If the firmware comes out as claimed I will also be able to have cruise control. Huck, I have never driven a car with electric steering so I can't really have an opinion on it. Gordo, you know you would love a self-driving car. More chances to sleep.
  10. Tried going bolt on adapter. Wasn't going to work. Why is DBW such a stupid fucking idea anyway?
  11. Small update. My car is finally in the shop so hopefully we will be getting stuff done a little quicker. Once up on the lift we didn't like where the drive train was sitting, too far forward. So dropped the trans, clearancing the tunnel more, and sliding everything back some. Pulled the intake manifold to weld on an adapter plate for the 350Z DBW throttle body.
  12. rkc14

    Full Beautiful Blue Interior

    PM Sent
  13. I don't know what's going on there. Here is the Raleigh page, I can follow it fine there. http://raleigh.craigslist.org/search/sss?sort=rel&query=cressida
  14. Wagon for sale In NC. http://raleigh.craigslist.org/cto/5772989891.html
  15. rkc14

    1JZGTE VVTI Standalone Options!

    Good write up on cheap flex fuel stuff. http://www.mr2oc.com/202-alternative-fuels-forum/458384-affordable-flex-fuel-sensor.html
  16. rkc14

    1JZGTE VVTI Standalone Options!

    I hope to have pictures this weekend. Basically we took off the whole stock throttle body, the shop machined an adapter plate and the plate is getting welded on to the intake manifold. The 350Z throttle body is a Hitachi unit I bought off rockauto, 2003 I think. Had to get a junkyard connector because I couldn't find the shell and pins anywhere.
  17. Had to work the night shift Friday and Saturday night out at the bridge tunnel. Drove the X7, kinda the first real test of it, and I needed the room. Took some pictures during the lunch break. Still stock, and lame. No money in the budget expect to get it inspected.
  18. rkc14

    1JZGTE VVTI Standalone Options!

    I have an infinity box. Setting it up with DBW. We are using a 350z throttle body on the stock manifold. Probably going to use the 350Z pedal too. I have the inputs for wheel speed sensors to use for traction control, just haven't done the work to the hubs yet. Using the 350Z stuff because my tuner says it makes his life easier to get something that is very close to know calibration.
  19. I am certainly hoping he knows how to monitor everything correctly. He has tuned and built a lot higher power JZ motors than mine with success. Oki, I already got the front bumper from Lucas. Shlammed, I honestly couldn't tell you about the differences. I don't know enough about the black magic that is tuning to tell you that. I do know that they are $60 cheaper per sensor.
  20. Supras continue to show that they are parts bins for Cressidas. Got a pair of 91 supra wheels last night from the junk yard. Cheap and look good, plus I already have good tires for this size wheel anyway. Thought I would share this knock sensor idea that my tuner sold me on. The Knock sensor itself is a Bosch sensor, part number 0-261-231-006. You use a Toyota stud, part number 90126-08046. Throw a nut on the end of it tighten everything down to 15 ft-lbs and call it a day. This solution is cheaper than buying a new stock knock sensor and my tuner says he gets much better feedback with these units. I still have the two original ones if anyone wants them. Other than that not much has happened. Seriously. Nothing. Car is still waiting for the fabrication work.
  21. ^Are we back to the idea of a boxing ring at the JZXP meet that will never happen?
  22. rkc14

    X pics only!!!!