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  1. JP-carparts is great for looking up part numbers via their diagrams, but that's about it. 

    I've contacted them a few times about buying parts, but they have a hard time keeping accurate listings of things that are still available. 

    Every time I've asked for a part that's listed as still available, they get back to me to inform me that it's NLA.

    Best bet in my opinion is to get on bidjdm and find a set that way. They'll probably be used, but...

  2. Oh word. From your pic they looked like those mini k&n filters that every honda fuccboi puts on their valve covers lol. 

    Paying more attention to this thread lately. Waiting to hear a clip of your sweet induction nose with those trumpets. Trust valve cover is breaking the swag meter

  3. Thank you man. I appreciate it. Life hasn't been easy for me over the past year or two. I'm kinda surprised that I've been able to hang in there and keep chipping away at this car.


    In an exciting new development, I'm bagging the SC on a fancy accuair system. Gonna start ordering parts on Thursday hopefully. 


    My car hobby never fails to keep me in a cycle of frustration and an empty wallet. At the end of the day though, I'm always happy with the results, so I'm gonna keep grinding at it. Sick old Toyotas or die

  4. I completely agree Zack. Even though I'm very slowly getting better at it, I still don't really enjoy it. I almost feel like I have to do it because paying someone is such an expensive alternative. 

    For somebody who hates autobody and paint, I've sure been painting a lot of shit lately lol. I end up buying cars and bikes that require a little bit of work mechanically but need a bunch of bodywork. Oh well. I've made it work so far

  5. My autobody/painter buddy agreed to help me paint the car.  He has a wealth of knowledge that was invaluable. No more stumbling around in the dark when I have a friend who can help me through the process.  His life has been busy and chaotic over the past year or two, but he still found the time to help me.  I owe him big time.


    We made a pretty dope booth setup.  Four drywall dust poles for the corner, plus a goofy saran wrap window that I could film through




    We set up two fans for the intake and two for exhaust.  We discovered that having positive pressure in the booth is the best setup.  Having negative pressure in the booth sucked dust in, so throughout all our spray sessions, we had the intake fans set on medium or high and the exhaust fans set on low.

    Most parts ended up with very minimal dust and dirt nibs.  Usually only one or two on the large parts like doors and bumpers.


    I'm too lazy to upload every spray sesh to YouTube, so here's our first shoot


    However, the hood and fenders kept getting tons of dust on them, which was frustrating.  A coworker who used to work in a hot rod shop suggested getting an old appliance cord and using it to ground the panels.  I dead-ended the positive and neutral wires.  I then put two lugs on the end of the ground wire.  When the panels were being wiped down with cleaner and degreaser right before paint, static electricity would build up on them which would attract dust like flies on shit.

    I would plug in the ground right after he finished wiping the panels down, and what a massive difference it made.  Only one nib in the hood and one or two in the fenders.  I highly recommend using a ground to anyone who decides to paint stuff using a home setup.



    In no particular order, here's pics of some of the parts.  We freshened up the trim paint on the bumpers as well.  There were a few shoots that were a bust, namely due to either too many dirt nibs or sags/runs in the clear.  We did have to rework a few things and it took some trial and error, but we got everything dialed in and every panel painted





    Here they are in all their glory.  The parts on the ground were given an opportunity to cure on the stands over several months in a 90 degree room before being set on the ground



    The color combo is absolutely wild.  I feel like Japanese cars of this era played it pretty safe when it came to interior and exterior color combinations.  I didn't know if dark blue on dark red would work, but I fucking love it.  In my opinion, having such an aggressive contrasting color combo was a bit of a risk, but I'm very happy with it.  I totally understand if my color choices aren't for everyone, but I don't care.  It makes me happy



    I reassembled the mirrors and the doors and put them all back together.  Trying to remember how to do so after years of them being apart was a challenge, but I did it.  Door locks, mirrors, lights and handles all work.


    I bought four car dollies to move the car around in the garage.  They should be here within the next week or so.  On the to do list is finishing the rear arches to a point that I'm happy with them.  I considered buying some metal fender flares for the rear, but a few knowledgeable people recommended against them. They said that putting really round arches on a squareish car would likely mess with the body lines too much, which I agree with.  They said welding flares on the rear would pretty much make reworking the rear doors unavoidable, which I really am not interested in doing anyway. A little more bondo work and primer and the chassis should be ready to shoot

  6. I'm still here.  I don't know how or why, but here I am.

    Chris had a good point that I mulled over for quite a while.  I'd probably never forgive myself if I didn't finish this car. 

    I've kept super busy with all my vehicles over the past year. Might as well do a life/vehicle update before I get to the good stuff

    Here's a few mundane things I did before the paint pic dump


    Painted the calipers



    Pressure washed the seatbelts. Huge difference.  No longer greasy and dirty



    Pulled seatbelt clip assembly things out of a 90's corolla.  I had to replace the annoying auto seatbelts with an alternative.  There's a little bit of a funky gap where the tracks used to be, but it's not too noticeable.  My mom did the stitching on the stock cress seatbelt fabric through the clip-in piece. Should be safe enough.



    In the meantime, I bought a scabby but clean titled 07 corolla with some fixable body damage with 100k on it for 500 bucks. 

    I was able to get more practice painting despite the fact that I still don't really enjoy doing so






    Detailed it inside and out, pulled a hood and bumper from the junkyard and replaced the headlights and bob's your uncle. All said and done, I was $1400 into it in total before I sold it for $3700.  Not bad for a weekend or two worth of work


    I also repainted and tuned my 03 R6.  Again, more paint practice.  All went well except for the clear.  Thankfully the guy who cut and buffed it did a great job saving it. Dyno'd somewhere around 130 crank. More hp than my truck lol




    Also bought a 1942 Harley.  It's mostly restored.  Needs a little bit of TLC before its rideable.  It has a 3 speed with a suicide shifter. I might never ride it to be honest, I'd be too scared to dump it.  You'd have to have pretty large testicles to ride this thing on the street.  All the controls are reversed. Still glad I own it though.  Got a killer deal on it and couldn't say no



    Finally tracked down a 97+ front bumper for the Lexus.  Took forever to find.  I knew that putting brand new paint on a 30 year old vehicle wouldn't match for shit, but I did it anyway.  I eventually plan to repaint the whole car at some point, so fuck it










    Also, pics are ginormous again.  No idea how to size them down.  Imgur is always adjusting and reformatting their editing and controls, so the big pics are here until I find out how to reformat them, if I do that at all

  7. Nigel hyped this car up big time and never delivered when people needed him. I jumped on the Lynnwood car within a day of it hitting the lot. Pulled damn near the entire interior for a member on here and gave it to him for free, plus told whoremouth about it the first day it hit the lot, plus I got my spindle. 

    Whoremouth showed up and took the entire front and rear subframe, diff and arms. 

    Nigel, I'm not mad, just a little irritated. If any of you Washington/Oregon peeps need eyes on our cars, I'll be the first to tell you, and I don't even fuck with cars anymore. 

    Yes, mad. 

    Yes, taking it out on Nigel a little, despite his good intentions. 

    Yes mad I never finished my car. 

    Sue me

  8. I'm done. After four years I fucking quit.

    I can't deal with it anymore. After punching too many holes through the drywall inside my house out of rage, I've finally accepted the fact that cars are unhealthy for me. 

    I have few friends that are into cars, and none of them have helped me in the slightest when it comes to building this thing. I have been wandering blind and alone throughout this whole journey. I'm too retarded to fully comprehend how to build this car properly, the way I want it. 

    I used to play a bunch of first person shooters as a kid. I finally realized after breaking three controllers and throwing two through 800 dollar TV's, I needed to cut gaming out of my life like a cancer. 

    I'm much happier today because of it. 

    This car hobby is no different. I haven't enjoyed the journey. The entire build has been fucking miserable. It has become toxic in my life. Everyone I know says I look stressed, angry and unhappy these days. 90 percent of it is due to this hobby. 

    Everything, and I mean everything is for sale that's in my build thread. Look through it, and whatever you see will likely be for sale. 

    I beat every body panel to death with a metal bat out of rage. So unless anybody feels like extensively pulling four inch dents out with a stud puller, no bodywork/glass is for sale. 

    I will ship reasonably sized parts anywhere in the lower 48. To any canadians, I guess I can ship parts to you guys, but I'm sure shipping will be expensive and slow. 

    I wish I could say I've enjoyed the ride with you guys, but I haven't. 

  9. Fuck this car. I give up.

    After fucking up my sealer the first time, it turned out to be an o-ring inside the gun that I forgot to put back after I cleaned it.  I didn't have enough pressure at the tip due to it leaking out from just ahead of the trigger. It ended up looking like barbecue texture when it landed on the panels. It was rough as shit when I ran my hand over it after it dried.


    Spent another 30 hours blocking all the sealer back down to where it was before, so there wasn't any rough texture in it.

    Finally shot the sealer again today and it's filled with dust.  There's some tiger striping here and there, it has orange peel in it, and it looks like fucking shit.


    I've done everything right. I wet the garage floor.  Had a fan in, and a fan out.  Got all the dust off of everything.  Degreased everything. Tack ragged everything. Got my mix ratios right.

    Now I get to spend another 30 some fucking hours scuffing and blocking every surface for the second time so that the basecoat will adhere to it.

    Then the base will likely have dust in it, and so will the clear I'm sure. So what the fuck do I do?  Every step is going to come out looking like fucking ass.


    Fuck autobody and paint.  I have spent probably 300 hours in bodywork and paint, just to have everything keep going to shit. 

    I just want to throw this car out. I fucking hate it. Four years and I haven't even driven it. Over 40k into it now. I want my garage and my life back

  10. Update: If you like autobody and paint, you likely:

    Have masochistic tendencies

    Enjoy sniffing various volatile fumes for recreational purposes 

    Are fucked in the head 



    I'll admit it. I should have bought a shitty 240 or beat up honda hatch for a project car.

    I think I'm finally part of the brotherhood. I hate my fucking car.

    I no longer enjoy working on it and I've never even driven it since I removed the 7M.


    Updates to follow

  11. Yep, that's what I did. Shot high build onto doors, hood etc and blocked all of them. Now all surfaces are ready for 050 black sealer. 


    I've heard prep is incredibly important at this stage. De-greasing, tack clothing, dust removal etc is critical to make a perfect paint job. 


    I've come this far, not gonna start cutting corners this late in the game

  12. Good tips, i appreciate it man. Trying to soak up as much info as I can before I squeeze the trigger. 

    Currently it's a little cramped in the booth. I caught myself bumping into my doors one or twice while spraying high build, but luckily there weren't any marks where my fat ass bumped the door edges lol.

    I'll make sure I arrange everything properly so I can get around easily without bumping into stuff

  13. In the pic I have a half assed wall or two set up. Now, I have the whole booth assembled. Has four walls and a roof, plus I have a fan out for negative pressure to hopefully suck out as much overspray as possible. 

    I'm also going to wet the garage floor to keep the dust down. Now I'm just waiting for a good 70-80 degree day to shoot all my panels. Hopefully that day is this coming Saturday, but we'll see

  14. More progress in the painting department.  AcidTrip was nice enough to sell me a spare hood he had. I grew tired of all the failed hammering and shaping on my stock hood.



    I removed all my doors and scuffed the insides in preparation for paint.  I laid the door skins on top of the doors to make sure I had prepped everywhere that would be visible.



    At first, I masked the doors off with the glass still in.  I was worried that I would still end up getting overspray on the glass, so I used a spare car battery and spare wire to throw power to the door windows, allowing me to unbolt the glass and remove it.  Because I'm painting both sides of the doors, I need to hang them from something by the window frames, so the glass had to come out anyway.



    On the outside of the doors, I decided to remove the chip guard because there was so much orange peel.  Once paint is done, I think I'll have the 3M clear paint film installed over it.  I'll still have protection on the lower parts of the car, just without all the ugly orange peel.



    It's official, I bought all my materials and the paint process has begun.  Originally I wanted the color off of the Toyota Century, 8J9, but only PPG could match it for $1000 a gallon, so I went with something similar, but darker, for around $400 a gallon.  It's a very solid color with almost no pearl or metallic, which is what I want.  It is very dark blue, almost black. I want it to stay darker in the sun, plus I believe a solid color will be easier to paint for someone with limited experience like myself.



    Prepped all the miscellaneous parts off the car.



    Panel prepping everything off the car since my space in the garage is limited.  The whole painting process is really messy, so I'm trying to prevent fucking up my landlord's garage lol.



    No wonder a good paint job costs $10k or more.  The amount of labor involved is absolutely ridiculous.

  15. I'm very slowly making more progress with all the bodywork.  Zach was nice enough to let me call him and pick his brain for an hour in regards to bodywork and paint.  I was kind of intimidated to start filling door dings, but I ended up filling all of them in an hour or two. 







    Blocked the surface, saw the low spot, then filled it with bondo and blocked it again.  Bodywork seems much easier if you're working on a section in a flat panel.  Things like the rear arches and the curve in the hood are much more of a pain in the ass.


    I realized that the metal in the hood was a centimeter too low.  Since I don't have a stud puller, I had to cut the inner skeleton to access the metal in the hood to hit it and dolly it back into shape.  I then had to weld a hole in a thin section, which ended up spreading and contaminating everything. Not to mention, I would kind of have to bullshit a curve into the hood out of bondo to match the area that I circled in blue.



    Now the hole is pretty much right on the line above the headlight.  I'm saying fuck it and finding another hood.  A member on here has one he agreed to sell to me, I just have to drive a few hours to go get it.



    In other news, the Stoptech cryo rotors that I bought mid-April finally arrived on the slow boat from China.  They're ridiculously large. They're almost as big as the wheels on my 88 pickup lol.




    They look great on the car. I'm super happy with how they look.  One of the last things I'm going to do is paint the yellow calipers a different color. I actually think yellow calipers against dark blue would look pretty cool, but a few people are disgusted with that option.  I'm really happy with how they look.  Since the vanes in the rotor are directional, I had to install the vents facing forward, per the manufacturer's instructions.  I think they look weird and backwards, but oh well.