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  1. BoristheCat

    Sleeper MX83 build

    Lol I didn't even think about that... car guys would recognize it and be into it, but everyone else would think your car was broken probably
  2. BoristheCat

    Sleeper MX83 build

    Excellent. I'm not planning on doing any major hard launches or clutch kicks, so it should last a while. Also, since both hubs are sprung, I'm assuming this thing isn't going to chatter with the clutch out... or will it chatter because of the intermediate steel plates between the clutch discs? Either way, I've heard that people with this clutch are super happy with it when they drive it on the street. If it chatters, I probably won't even care that much
  3. BoristheCat

    Sleeper MX83 build

    The clutch came in the mail. I was blown away by how nice of a unit it is. The only thing I'm slightly concerned about is the thickness of the material on the discs. There doesn't appear to be a lot of it, so I'm wondering how much life I'll get out of it before I have to put new discs in it. Now I just need to measure for a throwout bearing and I'll be good
  4. BoristheCat

    Sleeper MX83 build

    I'm half debating lighting his ass up on facebook. I made a bullshit burner account a few weeks ago in order to sell stuff on marketplace. I set to work fixing my crooked coilover tube. Took the old spindle off and prepped my spare spindle. Got my extra pair of coilover tubes in the mail the other day. Looking at my spare spindle before welding, I noticed that the threads were questionable. They didn't look great, so I wasn't going to be surprised if I had a problem with stripped threads. Torqued the hub onto the new spindle and threaded the tube onto the coilover and welded a few tacks in place. Went to remove the spindle nut and who would have guessed, all my threads were fucked. I have no spare spindles now. I need a replacement. Checked eBay, Craigslist, Offerup, everywhere. No luck. I PM'd a few people on here hoping that they would have a spare, but no responses yet. My build is on hold until I get a new one. I'm pretty sure there's no way to properly cut and adjust my good original spindle without something being off. Yes mad
  5. BoristheCat

    WTB Passengers side spindle

    My passengers side front spindle was welded to my coilover tube crooked. I had a spare, but the threads were questionable. I put the hub on, torqued the nut, tack welded the coilover tube in place, and when I removed the spindle nut, all my threads came with it, so I need a new one. My build is on hold because of this and I can't find a spare anywhere. Thanks
  6. BoristheCat

    Sleeper MX83 build

    ^^yep, I'm convinced that's the case. It's the same people that build their cars as cheap as possible and then wonder why their shit breaks all the time lol. Everyone I've talked to with a twin loves the pedal feel... I'm excited to see how it drives. I'm thinking the Russian con artist got snatched up by some fellow Russians he ripped off. He's probably sitting in a gulag in Siberia eating stale rye bread and boiled potatoes
  7. BoristheCat

    New Look / Same Poor Taste

    Holy pic dump. Good looking fab work on everything exhaust related. What brand of muffler? Looks good. I'm kind of thinking of ditching my bulky round muffler and going to an oval for easier tucking under the car and for more ground clearance
  8. BoristheCat

    Sleeper MX83 build

    I'm not doing an external arm setup. The adapter plate from Collins came machined for a tilton hydraulic internal slave setup. Colin is an irritating dude. If you ask him anything, he assumes you're trying to steal his ideas, gets defensive and acts like a dick. I asked him what the spacing was on their crossmember in order to see if it would fit my car and he got all defensive and said I had to buy his crossmember and then see if it would fit. He got all pissy about me asking for the eye to eye measurement. I told him fine, even if it would end up fitting, I'll never buy it because you're not going to work with me to tell me the measurement. For his twin, triple and quad setups, the tilton hydraulic is used. He won't tell me which bearing is used, so fuck him. I'll post in this thread which bearing ends up working. This shit isn't even hard to decode. He thinks his customers are stupid. It's as easy as measuring the eye to eye on the adapter plate, then looking at the bolt patterns and measurements of the tilton bearings on Tilton's website. I'm 99 percent sure which bearing is going to fit, but I'll post once I know for sure
  9. BoristheCat

    Sleeper MX83 build

    I can't even tell you how many people I've talked to that are upset that I've chosen such an expensive clutch. I tell them "ok, let me get a shitty 4 or 6 puck. I'm really looking forward to the harsh engagement, inevitable crank walk, doubled pedal effort and poor quality a cheap single will provide for this car." Then they're like... oh.
  10. BoristheCat

    Sleeper MX83 build

    A few new developments... Blending the fender flares in to make it look nice and smooth is a pain in the ass. I'm still finessing it to look correct. In the meantime, I've been doing a ton of prep for paint. A windshield guy came and pulled my cracked aftermarket one. Whoever replaced the windshield before I had the car did a really shit job. Way too much glue was used. The trim was glued in place and when I pulled it very carefully, the glue held onto it and bent it to shit. The headliner had also been glued against the windshield. It was a pain in the ass to very carefully separate the headliner material from the glue without tearing it. I also had to strip all the glue and paint off with a wire wheel to eliminate some of the rust that was starting to appear under the windshield. The car has been almost entirely stripped and prepped for paint. Scotchbrited all the random crevasses. Removed every last piece of molding and trim. Also removed all the stuff in the door jambs to backmask the jams and paint them with the doors off. Major news though... finally bought my twin plate
  11. BoristheCat

    Sleeper MX83 build

    Gordo, I found an awesome Lincoln 110 multi-pak setup for half price, brand new. It had everything for mig, tig and stick. Pedals, wire, rods, cups, etc. The guy sold it half an hour before I could get to it. Normally 1200 bucks and the guy was selling it for 600, but I missed out. That's the plan though, I'll eventually get that setup after I get the cressida completed and driving, but before I do the bored out gt28 build or go big single
  12. BoristheCat

    Sleeper MX83 build

    Why is it that whenever my welding gas runs out, it always happens on a long weekend right before I'm going to spend the entire weekend finishing up welding a bunch of stuff? Central welding and Airgas are closed until Tuesday of course. Did a bunch of air hammering inside the arch and gained a lot more travel. Completed the driver's side arch. Blended it with bondo Also cut a few millimeters off each end of the toe rods. Now it sits nice and straight. When the car is on the ground, it has around 2 degrees of negative camber Since my metal working plans for the weekend are shot, I'm going to get as much of the car ready for paint as possible. I get to deal with removing all the windshield trim and breaking all the little plastic Y-clip retainer things
  13. BoristheCat

    Sleeper MX83 build

    Eh, can't fault you there. My condolences if you live in the rust belt. If you ever find spare rust free fenders, it's never too late to change. Talked to Guy at excessive and he says they will cut 5mm off both ends of the toe rod for free to correct the camber issue and that will fix it. There are enough threads to work with, so it is safe. I'm too much of a cheap ass to pay shipping, plus I don't want to wait. I'll likely use my friend's chop saw with a metal blade to fix them, cause that shit's free
  14. BoristheCat

    Sleeper MX83 build

    Bought my 275/35/18 tires for the rear... and damn, they look good. They hit the fender pretty bad, so invasive surgery was needed. Got scared to make the first cuts, but once I started chopping, there was no turning back. The actual welding, grinding and pulling wasn't the hard part. The difficult part was making the edge of the lip look straight and even. It took a lot of welding, grinding, rinse and repeat treatment to finally get everything looking pretty even up close. I got everything flowing smoothly and filled low spots with weld to get it ready for a really light skimming of bondo We're officially tucking 18's gentlemen. The one thing I forgot about was that the toe rod is too damn long. Xcessive acknowledged this and they now sell their rear arm kits with a shorter toe rod so you can dial out the dumb amount of negative camber. I'm thinking of slicing barely a centimeter off of the end of each toe rod barrel to allow the wheels to be straighter as long as I have enough thread engagement. With how it currently sits, the car is square and the lower arms can be retracted about 3/4 inch to get rid of the negative camber, but then the toe in/out is off. If I had three degrees of negative camber or less, I would be happy. There's maybe 6 to 8 degrees as it currently sits?? Either way, I'm happy as a pig in shit knowing that I have beefy tires in the rear and it doesn't look like a miata with riveted on plastic flares. Proud to say that my fenders are all metal. The wheel arches didn't even raise up that much, maybe a centimeter at most. I'm a widebody boi now
  15. BoristheCat

    Sleeper MX83 build

    Interesting... I think I will end up going with the metal weld on flairs that you suggested from ulterior motive. I'm planning to paint the car anyway, so I don't mind doing more bodywork. I did some measuring and it looks like either the LS400 or the GS300/400 rears will work, along with the LS400 fronts. I ordered my 275's today. They'll be here on Monday. Then I can put all the wheels where they're supposed to be and make a bodywork plan from there