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  1. ye @LUMBERZACK is right. i have s9 front fenders. i like them. they look cool. but i can fit the same wheel and tire as i could before with stock rolled n pulled metal.

    i think the ideal way to go for more width upfront would be stock metal with like those nice custom ls400 metal flares you weld on and mold to look real nice.


    something similiar to these ulterior motives flares: https://www.umshop-store.com/product/ls400-rear

  2. 10/10 @LUMBERZACK took me to eat best damn al pastor tacos ive ever consumed in my life then we did some sweet skids and i had a blast.


    on the topic of boxed lca's who cares? i run the xcessive jimmies and those fuckers are tough as fuck.

    also if you own a cressida and dont have a stack of spare parts in your backyard are you even a proper cressida owner?

    i got like 2 spare front subframes, 1 rear subframe, 8 doors,1 hood etc..... YOLO

  3. Gordo, fucked up parts are just scratches and some cracked and ripped fenders/overs and kit.

    battleaxe, tbh rn i dont know if the rack solenoid is plugged in or not ill double check when i get home. but basically i swap in a new ps pump and no power steering.

    so i figured id just replace the rack with an x7 one and new jz pump since they both are shit.

    jz's are great their ps systems suck cocks.

  4. BN is cool. IDC who you are.

    Hood vent is functional and moulded into my factory hood. Legit some of the biggest names in drifting use or have used them.

    Weds are my spares. I have a full set of Koenigs. i cracked a front barrel, so i'm running my spare cerbs rn.

    Sparco is real and i guess i should pay 1k for a bride seat to be cool and hella jdm cool,  ahahaha get fuct.

    TY for your approval, I craved it. What ever you say means alot to me. ahahahahaha

  5. *reads post*

    *shows AJ*

    *Curly Gargles on AJ's cum*

    *runs back to jzxp to post the weakest come back*

    How does it feel to know you walk around in his shadow and suck dick willingly?

    (Error 404: clever insult not found - dadfucker is a joke not an insult)

    Tell AJ if he wants to say something he can unblock me and send me a DM.

    Y'all betti boys cry at any slight disagreement.