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  1. My 86 Cressida isn't starting, turning over, making any noises, etc etc etc. Story began like this: I came back from Texas and hopped in the car after 2 weeks of sitting (maybe even less cause my brother moved it to the side of the driveway) and it started 1st time fine. Struggled a bit but it started and ran. I let it run for a few minutes then i turned it off. I tried to turn it on again shortly after and it would just make a ticking noise and my dash slowly started to lose power. I kept trying to crank till the dash completely died and the car wouldn't make a sound. Now nothing happens. No noises or anything. All of the interior lights, radio, windows and dash do not power on. The only thing that works are my headlights and turn signals. So far I've replaced the battery and main relay fuse. All the fuses checked out fine and my starter is still new.. Im thinking its the ignition switch but i want to be 100% sure. I can't keep buying parts that won't fix this problem..