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  1. Urrik

    Sleeper MX83 build

    Same Jason. My X8 didn't seem to like having metal fenders so I gave it what it wanted. Biggest regret of that car was not keeping the stock body though. Now I've got multiple sets of wheels/tires with fitments that I cant use on anything else Actually biggest regret is buying the car in the first place.
  2. Urrik

    WTB: Stock non-vvti 2JZ-GE fuel rail

    I gotchu How much of it do you need? Injectors, feed line, lower runners?
  3. Urrik

    New Look / Same Poor Taste

    Tubing is all 2.5" except for the 2.75" freddy style cast elbow that will be right off the throttle body This tool has to be close to 20 years old now. I forget what he used for the inside roller but it's hand ground and polished to match the shape of the outer one
  4. Urrik

    New Look / Same Poor Taste

    I dont like the premade intercooler kits for JZX. The cores are mounted too far forward so you have to cut the fuck out of the bumper frame and lower bumper cover. The piping makes a beeline for the front corner of the engine bay and takes an unnecessarily long detour through the corner of the bumper. Which is understandable given the location of all the stock components (clutch fan blade, air box, side mount IC etc). I wanted a more direct path, which I achieved by cutting up some random Wuhan piping kit for a WRX that looked like it had bends that fit. Which it did. ^my uncle made this pipe flaring tool years ago out of an old AC tensioner bracket I had to go down to an 18x12x3" core and mount it off-center, but it fits cleanly behind the bumper frame and next to the A/C receiver/dryer. In place of the original power steering "cooler" hard line is this one from a Ford Flex? Freestyle? Dont remember. So with that I'm able to keep a relatively original looking bumper with minimal cutting. Except now it will look retarded in an entirely different way with the offset intercooler. Might just black everything out now, or wait until I see what looks like together outside. ^Last heat exchanger I need to mount is the engine oil cooler, which will go where the stock side mount intercooler would've been. Radiator was easy mode. JZX100 Koyo and IS300 dual fan assy was pretty much drop in.
  5. Urrik

    New Look / Same Poor Taste

    Yeah, I saw the inside of a later housing and it's completely different. The shift rail and detent isn't even on the same side of the trans What was tripping me up was the JZX90 parts diagrams I was looking at for the shift lever and retainer group only show images for tripod shifters for all years of X9, where in reality I'm pretty sure they had the dog leg shifter like early Z30 until sometime in 1994 when the r154 was updated. Not that it matters to me at this point, I already slapped mine back together and it's under my car using an Xcessive MX83 crossmember redrilled for the X90 bolt pattern and 1/4" plate spacers to make up for the increased height of the MA70 trans mount. My X9 only uses four M8 x 1.25 fasteners to attach the crossmember to the body, which is a bit disconcerting...
  6. Urrik

    New Look / Same Poor Taste

    @bigtoepfer you could still make it a reality with an NA model. The Grande G was a great base to start with and it was a third the cost of a Tourer V. So far among other stuff, I've found it has the same drivetrain, front brakes, fuel pump, and obviously the crossmember, engine mounts etc as Tourer V. I can't imagine the JZX101 is much different
  7. Urrik

    New Look / Same Poor Taste

    Couldn't see myself having a build thread anywhere but here. I was hoping this place would get a second wind after enough of the imported cars came to the US. Not that Canadians haven't already been doing what I'm doing on here for the past 10+ years already. But I also dont see JZXP material in the typical clientele overpaying for these cars fresh off the boat from an importer either, this isn't exactly the most lucrative platform for them for attention whoring.
  8. Urrik

    New Look / Same Poor Taste

    MA70 lip from eBay, I think it's a bomex rep or something like that
  9. Urrik

    New Look / Same Poor Taste

    Stock flywheel, check. Haven't had a 2 piece driveshaft since it was in my Supra, but who knows how long it's been like that
  10. Urrik

    New Look / Same Poor Taste

    Organ donor. Started on the wiring. The X110 harness is way too short, so I decided to use the original GE harness as a base and rework it into an X100 configuration since it's already the correct length and has the right ECU and body connectors. The GE harness has sequential injection, as well as half of the other connectors I need already in the correct place. I trimmed the fat and removed all trac and auto trans circuits, while adding cam sensor, crank sensor, OCV, 4 wire o2, and the entire primary ignition circuit from the X110 harness (half of which I could just repin from the distributor ignition module). Got my penis enlarged: Would've had a reassembled transmission by now, but I noticed this nice crack through the extension housing: My trans had been leaking slowly for ages, even after a couple reseals, so I'm thinking this might be the cause. Unless I'm the world's worst FIPG sheet cake artist. Anyone with a junk R154 willing to sell me their extension housing? I'm looking for either a late non-tripod with the extra tapped holes for the newer style trans mount, or maybe an early tripod (pre-95?) which I think will fit over my mk3 internals.
  11. Urrik

    x3 oyaji wagon

    Saw a similar non-DBW VVTi engine last time I was at an importer. I thought it could've been from a Crown but it definitely didn't have that wtf manifold. Was probably JZX101
  12. Urrik

    New Look / Same Poor Taste

    The GE is being saved for a rainy day. Yours truly aint gon toss a perfectly good 2J. Maybe another 1.5 in the future. Right now it's swap complete engine set from the other car over to this one. I don't care to spend the money and effort adapting a Solstice trans. It's not appealing enough to me, especially when I already have a 154. I don't like the shitty gear ratios meant for the gutless four cylinders they were sold behind, and the 3.75 1st gear for people who can't drive manual. And like the CD009, initial buy-in cost of the box is low, sure, but after you're done wasting money adapting it (and hacking your car apart in the case of the nissan trans) you're at or exceeding an R box anyway. Come to think of it, I've had this same R154 for 12+ years and it's the sole surviving part I have from my MA70. As it should be. I'll continue to reuse it until I can't anymore. That being said, I will need to open it up again to extend the shifter for the x90. Or get a tripod shifter and housing for it, if that's even possible; I understand the shaft bearings are different sizes. I'll figure it out once I have everything apart in January
  13. Urrik

    New Look / Same Poor Taste

    Oh yeah it's like that stock. I guess they determined three mount points were adequate for the non turbo. They just used the same rear diff cover and subframe minus the bushing sleeve welded to it
  14. Urrik

    New Look / Same Poor Taste

    Center caps are blank. They have the Nissan hub bore dia. These wheels are old and gross and the chrome is flaking off all over. I'm pretty sure they're reps; I was able to clean off the back of one of the spokes enough to find 17x8 +30. Driveshaft lol: Also, having a base 3.0L car means I get the same diff and axles as Tourer V. Should be pretty cheap and easy to shove an FR-S Torsen up in there. Only difference is the N/A car is minus one mount so I'm going to want to do that as well:
  15. Urrik

    New Look / Same Poor Taste

    Basically just drove it this year. It may have ended up being my last year in the Cressida because I just bought this: The trunk is lying. It's a JZX91 Grande G 2JZ auto: What it came with: Old HKS Hipermax LS+ R33 rep? wheels Hippo Sleek front lip X100 Tourer front seats Mark II rear seat doily (fuck yes) cracked windshield (fuck) two spare hoods, spare trunk lid, spare OEM spoiler ruined driveshaft center support bushing stuffed with windshield urethane (didn't work) Plan is to put the 110 engine and R154 from the Cressida in it while converting the intake manifold, harness and ECU to JZX100, which should be able to run A/C, fuel pump control unit, etc. like stock. I've already got the proper center console, shifter garnish, manual pedal set and clutch master, but I need to cool it with the parts from now until after the holiday season.