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  1. Urrik

    WTB JZ rear sump

    Holy shit these things are 450 on eBay now are you fucking kidding me Doing up a friend's car. Anyone have a rear sump they will sell me or trade for a front sump?
  2. Urrik

    Humans are such easy prey

    Thanks for the tip Gordon, I can be a knucklehead using brake cleaner on fucking everything with disregard for what material or finish it is. My front bumper mounting is actually pretty crude and lazy. I only ever had the GX bumper cover and not the bar. I literally just kept cutting the stock Cressida bumper frame until the bumper cover fit over it. It's still in one piece, no foam insert either. The top edge of the cover is just draped over the flange at the top of the bumper frame instead of screwed to it with that flat piece with the studs on it because that rotted and fell apart. I was too lazy to make a new one from scratch so I threw it together like that and never fucked with it further. The only evidence of it sitting too far in is where the grille overhangs it in the center. Screws to the front corners of the fender like stock and lower corners of the bumper have home made brackets connecting to the body similar to stock
  3. Urrik

    Humans are such easy prey

    ^Ended up getting a Blitz kit because it was a bit cheaper than the Greddy. Similar to the one whoremouth posted above except return type I did originally modify the stock BOV to have a vacuum port at the top of the diaphragm. It worked, but since the spring was so light, the valve was being held open at idle (not a huge deal) and I could hear it slamming shut the minute I touched the throttle or when it would actuate during driving. The stock BOV seems to be very similar in design to the one on the non-VVTi 1JZ, so I imagine that in order for it to function 100% OCD perfect, it would need the vacuum line tee'd off to the bottom port with the "vacuum transmitting valve" found on the twin turbo engine (PN 90925-01059, also found on MR2 Turbo's). But I said fuck it and bought the Super Sound. Breakup under WOT fixed. Replaced disintegrated coil pack connectors and threw some BKR6E at it (probably not necessary) and now it runs perfect. Went to Toyotafest Connecticut with my dude in the Corolla. Though I don't care for accolades and didn't expect one, the awards seemed a bit nepotistic. They could have at least had a Top 5 White Boys category or something
  4. Urrik

    Shitty Sportcross

    ^Like the waiting room wall of a children's dental office, except listing the failure's name, date of part out/sale, and total time and money spent between purchasing and aborting.
  5. Fucking love the side profile of this car. I've never been a fan of aero on X8's but this shit just flows with the big fenders
  6. Urrik

    Shitty Sportcross

    Unless this is getting turbo/manual swap I don't see the point of this being here. White wheels are for Honda kids. And you're not Kyle.
  7. Urrik

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    Only pointer I have is to get that bed up on a frame. That mattress/box spring on the floor shit is single college girl apartment spec
  8. Urrik

    Teddy Roosevelt rides a moose

    Nice, lookin good
  9. I would flat foot the shit out of this car everywhere. Love it. What do you think the curb weight is, close to 3000?
  10. Urrik

    mx83 2jz swap wiring

  11. Urrik

    Humans are such easy prey

    ^ My wallet says not quite yet lol. Plus this turbo is pretty tight and I haven't had a single puff of smoke from this engine yet. Which I know won't be forever. I'll see what happens with this stock shit Yeah from what I've found, the Blitz, Sard, HKS etc kits are atmospheric and just come with a plate to block off the intake chamber. This is what looks to be the Greddy kit for JZX100: https://www.farpost.ru/vladivostok/auto/gt/blowoff-blouof-bluof-bluoff-blow-off-greddy-type-fv-42499591.html
  12. Urrik

    Humans are such easy prey

    Yeah I've been eyeing that thing and it seems pretty retarded. It looks like instead of a conventional BOV with a vacuum actuated top port, boost pressure is ported from the compressor housing to the VSV, then to the bottom of the BOV diaphragm. Looks like the VSV switches to apply pressure to open the valve? If it can work without the VSV I'll do it up. I've been looking at aftermarket recirc BOV kits that use the factory J-pipe intake chamber because I'm gay and like the way it looks. I'm liking the Greddy type FV kit, but I can't find shit for pictures of the 1JZ specific kit anywhere except some random Russian site. Probably back ordered into oblivion too. Edit: so there's that pretty large vent hole around the lower edge of the top of the BOV diaphragm, going to just drill and tap that for a fitting
  13. Urrik

    Humans are such easy prey

    Damn, should we be keeping this shit on the down low? I want to still be able to afford one of these in a few years when I want to swap whatever base model right hand drive JZ chassis bullshit car I decide to afflict myself with when it's time to retire this car. But I guess there are already too many other platforms that facilitate enough hand holding and cock suckery to spread the word. I don't get the big deal everyone makes about the electronic throttle. So far it works fine and doesn't feel all that unnatural. Whoremouth youve got one of thems devices in the V8 car? Notice any difference in running quality? The charge pipe was part of a Chinese copy of the Greddy? JZX100 intercooler piping kit. It's actually a cast piece like the original pipe is, except a lot more Chinese
  14. Urrik

    Humans are such easy prey

    Done. (for the most part) Runs fucking awesome (for the most part). Couple things to work out. Occasionally it breaks up a bit under full throttle. Does it mostly when hot, seems like a coil/spark issue. Also idles low (450-500) at times, other times it's fine (700), usually after coming back for another key cycle when hot. Whatever I'll figure my shit out. Other than that, no problems driving it around and beating the shit out of it. I went into this without ever fucking with any of the late model engines before, assuming it wouldn't even run on an immobilizer ECU. But I guess it doesn't give a shit? No immobilizer harness connector, nothing from the auto trans connected, no speed sensor input. Still need to wire in a DLC plug And it sounds awesome. Easily the best sounding JZ