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  1. yea i am a hoarder and actually have 3 rear subframes total. got 2 brace plates for these guys the other day. also gonna weld in a bar that runs along the top of the diff bushings kinda like gordos. guess i am paranoid that ill crack one and wont be able to find another so i hoard. more pics of the truck i guess
  2. the suzuki truck was sick. it was perfect for in town driving, but anything over 60 mph was super scary. i sold it to buy the house recently. parts are super easy to find. found an old receipt under the back rest that was all in Japanese that dated to 1994, thought it was pretty cool it in the snow. put a x7 rack in the other day with new xm bushings. i guess they are green now. current set up is x7 rack, stock lca, zero ackerman knuckles, xm caster rods and bushings, xm long outer tie rods, and xm nrcas. still not sure about those nrca. wheel hits frame not but only tested with factory wheel with a 15mm spacer. dont have anything cooler at the moment. good bit of lock increase though. ignore the rolling on the baby blue fenders, the fender rolling is trash. dark blue ones are going back on
  3. i have 2 pairs of rear upper control arms and both of the ball joints were trash. saw somewhere on here years ago that a 4 runner front ball joint works. part numer k90255. but i didnt weld it to the arm. ball joint is almost identical.
  4. started hoarding cressida parts like it was my job, never really having tons of money to buy a motor. bought another cressida with a blown head gasket that was super rusty and not worth saving. grab all the decent parts off it and chopped it. i dont have hoa so never got a call once about this i did feel bad doing this, but he car was pretty janky. spare subframes, headlights, fenders, and tons of other shit. car did have an some s9 coils that i made my money back on from when i bought the car. the only thing i dont have is a motor and trans. without a doubt i want to go vvti, but i can only find etcs i ones. just not wanting to have to turn around and get an aftermarket ecu right off the bat, if i do that i might as well just go 2j. shit is still up in the air, it just depends on the funds available.
  5. got an mk3 with a 3.7 if i remember correctly bought and daily and moved the car to a buddies house to start tearing it down some 5 speed. 3 cylinder 4x4, shit was sick. ignore my stupid face expression started ripping the motor and buying suspension stuff started cleaning, chopping and painting the bay. ill prob get shit for running open wheel wells but fuck it. probably will get tubs in the future. installed some nrca. i hear lots of terrible stuff about the bolts shearing off. contemplating getting normal rca and just extending the arms or going xcessive arms, but then i hear the heims dont last long so idk. plz ignore the gold tape, its in the garbage. car sat like this for a year while i finally saved up and bought a house with a decent sized garage. all the money was going towards that.
  6. In all seriousness, if some one can change my name to vagina i will be forever grateful. bought this car years ago and am now getting around to it since funds are available. some guy bought it from the original owner with 170xxxmiles. he bought it from a guy whose sister owned it who has passed away from old age. buddy of mine helped me pick it up on his trailer that had no lights, shit was super sketchy. wrapped a red solo cup onto a flash light and stuck it in the exhaust pipe. later found the out the the title was still in the original owners name... so after weeks of searching on fb and google i found the brother of the lady who died. mailed the title to him and got it back a week later with his signature. guy was nice about it too. started buying stuff and being an idiot with my money !!!! i later sold both of these and only regret selling the trans. please forgive my ignorance with the v8 pic. kill me plz that was such a waste of time and $$$$. plan is going 1j for sure. bought some coils, bought some wheels, bought some brakes. was currently still living at the parent's house at the time so i was basically stock pilling parts until i had a house and room to pull the motor. got some cool chrome handles. found another cressida in the junk yard and grab another subframe and started putting arms and the brace on it. will continue, maxed out of pics
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    Anti Theft Switch

    is the red wire your referring to the starter relay, didnt find a diagram that listed colors http://www.ciscokids.com.au/technical/manual/MX83/Electrical/Theft%20Deterrent%20System.pdf
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    3rd world mx83

    nice mate mod edit: who the fuck are you?