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  1. GetbitchesFuckmoney

    Way too much fun to stop.

    Lofty, take me with. Michigan is gay.
  2. I'm giving him totally valid advice, it will work. Also yes, I'd like pics as well.
  3. Gordo, trust me it works. I did it when I swapped my non-vtak engine for a vtak engine, you just solder the wiring harnesses together and everything goes fine.
  4. If you cut the wiring harness from your car, and then the new wiring harness and solder them together it should work fine. Make sure there's a good connection or it won't work.
  5. GetbitchesFuckmoney

    Rotary swapped x7

    I agree with the grumpy old guy.
  6. GetbitchesFuckmoney

    3rd world mx83

    Wow, this is really awesome! Good job, looking forward to seeing more of this.