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  1. Wow this thread just got good
  2. I don't read I like pictures
  3. Yeah... I agree. Test those things before you start making profits and shipping them to people. Also build a car in your build thread and you might get less shit. Maybe keep those crazy ideas to yourself until you actually make the stuff you're talking about. Your whole thread is fucked with jibberish.
  4. Yeah, they use borgs on indy cars and stuff, the efrs are popular in motorsports. But it's kind of like saying your car used to belong to Jon Voight.
  5. Wow, I'm surprised you found a machinist that would even agree to messing with that. I usually just find something that's close and stick it in the lathe.
  6. Billyhoo

    Pearly whites and black metal

    Thanks, yeah I've never been a big body kit guy but I think these cars just need em. Fitment all over is amazing. Especially surprised by the side skirts even on my jacked up car. Headlights and stuff is a little pushed out more than they should be but still lines up pretty good.
  7. Billyhoo

    Pearly whites and black metal

    Update Still no paint or sway bar yet... Got a real body kit, some of y'all already saw it probably Actually learned of S9 and G from this forum when I got my first x8 in like 07...
  8. Billyhoo

    Desert ratt rodd 3000

    He's talking about the vvti oil port that fits the stock banjo hardline. They all have that 1/8" bsp port Like that turbo, is that the s256?
  9. Oh nice, another partout... What a waste of good shit talking. Wanted to see some parts fly apart on the dyno.
  10. Gonna have a bad time...
  11. Yeahh... that can work with a solid round tube for a plenum. But with any flat welded together piece you need like 1/4" minimum with some bracing. But I can't remember what kind power you're looking to make ..
  12. How thick is that stuff? Those welded up plenums with flat panels always blow up like balloons with some real boost.
  13. Billyhoo

    Pearly whites and black metal

    No, I mean rx7s Thanks for the pic, I figured maybe some squishy endlinks saved your god peed bar but I guess you just got a good one.
  14. Billyhoo

    Pearly whites and black metal

    Do you have heim endlinks or rubber ones? I'll probably try the stock bar but I'm surprised there aren't more aftermarket options for those cars.
  15. Oh yeah he's definitely out-twinked that twink