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  1. oreofreak

    X8 w/ JZ ( LS400 fan clutch w/ 7m fan)

    Could yall please post picks of clutch fan setups. Especially those with aftermarket radiators.
  2. oreofreak

    2jz into jzx81 issues.

    Use the same 1jz harness wire it to 2jz ecu it will run even better. Only minor modification needed for injector wiring going from batch fire to sequential fire.
  3. I cover this once before years ago. Is300 resvoir and 1990 something 4 runner master. You will have the true oem lhd master.
  4. oreofreak

    6spd Supra Getrag into Jzx81

    I posted this before a year so ago. I don't know what happen to it. It is alot easier than what people make it out to be.
  5. Ok i really want run ms again. The last time i played with yet was years ago. I have really good understanding on how fuel injection system works on jz engine. I really don't understand the ignition system that well. I mean I do not understand how to set up the ignition to run on the stock jz parts. Last time i mess with ms i was a complete ford edis system that was easy. Where can actually find good comprehensive guide to set up the trigger wheal and cam settings only on this engine . I want to run sequential injection and ignition. How do you set it up to run the stepper idle motor?
  6. oreofreak

    EFI - Emanage Ultimate Thread

    Some other concerns i have about my setup. I figure if i am running 1 bar of boost on a stock jdm 2jz ecu and stock 440 injectors and aftermarket twins. I would needing to add fuel at WOT not taking it away?? Everything i have been reading about with people with 1jz with and 2jz with stock twins are usually adding fuel especially when they are running 1.2 bar. 1jz guys like using 440 injector upgrade and 2jz guys like using 550 injector upgrade on stock twins. I basically have two gt28r turbos and I need take away fuel at WOT??. I also having hard time getting the boost over 1 bar. I am going try gapping plugs down some more today. I think I might actually have turbo that is not working property or not working at all. I am going to check today if i have time to see if they are both spinning smoothly. My front turbo is actually leaking oil between exhaust housing and center cartiage.
  7. oreofreak

    EFI - Emanage Ultimate Thread

    I mean when i am at wot. The boost does hold rock solid at 1 bar. It goes up and down between .85 to 1 bar. It cycles pretty fast. My afr does the same thing. I think my tune is really shity maybe causing this. More like boost is fluctuating at wot.
  8. oreofreak

    EFI - Emanage Ultimate Thread

    I have a version D Board. I just got back tonight from doing a little tuning. I didn't bother with the autotune tonight. I have temp set to F degrees. I need to do little more calibration with the wb to get it read more accurately with emu. I had to cut the fuel down to -20 at wot. I am running at 1 bar of boost now. I have boost surgeing problem at wot. What can cause that?
  9. oreofreak

    EFI - Emanage Ultimate Thread

    I am so glad you started this thread. you have just motivated me to start play with mine again. So a quick run down of my setup. I have a 1.5j with the hks t3g kit using s14 bb turbos. I am running a jdm 6mt jza80 with stock 440 injectors. The problem i have it running really rich at wide open throttle. I can't figure out how to get that damn auto tune to work. I do have aem wb hook to the ecu and a/f target map filled out. It was running rich like this when i was using jzx90 ecu and 370 injectors. I am goin to check that version of the board tonite.
  10. oreofreak

    Brakes - Master Cylinder Upgrade?

    I am getting little confuse here. I pretty sure that the abs mx83 has 1 1/16 brake master. My abs jzx81 has 1 1/16 brake master. the rebuild kit part number is 04493-22220 which is the same part number as the abs mx83 rebuild kit.
  11. oreofreak

    Aero Type II?

    Holy fuck!!!!! This is the kind of body kit i have always wanted for my car. Now how the fuck are we going to get this kit over to me in Japan G!?!?!!
  12. oreofreak

    Who is SERIALNINE???

    Everything leon borden said I feel the exact same way. I am over here in japan and pretty much the only american driving jzx81. Alot my friends here that are into cars and drifting are in the miltary. Alot of them have gone back to states. With my car i have convinced several them into getting a cressida when they get back states. I used to always say "hey don't worry S9 has everything you need to build cressida for drifting. Just look at some of the stuff i have on my car" Now ofcourse i don't say that anymore. I recommend friends now to xm. I have never bought anything from them yet. But i have heard nothing but good things about them on this site. Anyways I love to start reping S9 again. But all i can do now is wait and see. Good Luck G!
  13. oreofreak

    EFI - Fuel Pumps and GasTank

    lol i had that exact same problem when i bought usdm cressida done south japan. The car had been sitting for ten years with a full tank of gas. I had got another tank from parts car, v8 crown fuel pump from the junkyard, and new fuel level gauge. Started right up!
  14. 99% sure the chaser window will work if you a have jzx81 mark II hardtop. The only difference is the black vents on the side. You don't have those with the chaser window. chaser and mark II have the same exact small body. ie the use the same doors and trunk lid. I have chaser front end on my markII they have exact same body lines.
  15. From my personal experience 3.90 is gonna be better.