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  1. wesleyx62

    93 2jzge lean code (code 25)

    i keep pulling a code 25 fuel system lean on my 93 sc300 2jzge (in my 78 cressida). here is a list of things i have already check/tried rebuilt ecu and have already tried swapping with a known good working unit. new o2's (single wire) re-calibrated tps checked intake manifold and injectors for vac leaks (with brake clean while running) new injectors (rebuilt) i have a inline walbro 255 from summit fuel pressure reads accordingly and doesnt fade after getting warm im out of ideas and im looking for advice as to what i should be leaning towards now... a few things i have considered but am not sure about: walbro is external inline (my car came with a mechanical fuel pump on the 4m) possibly causing a pickup issue in tank as the higher pressure required from the new pump iac vacuume routing incorrect. i need to find someone who has done a deleted egr and all other emissiosn related vacuume set ups like me. i suck at building cars and should pick up gardening instead. Thank you for any real help.
  2. wesleyx62

    YANKIIZOKU mx32's

    i could set it to 7 but id be cutting the body or moving lca mounting points.
  3. wesleyx62

    YANKIIZOKU mx32's

    the tracks really fun. good third gear entry. i need to learn to stay in the pedal a bit more and fix my line. otherwise the car feels great. im currently having issues with my x6 lca's constantly getting tweaked. not sure why but they always bend backwards causing less caster. i have my caster set at 5 degrees and i dont have any binding issue's. idk maybe im just a bad driver and drop of course more then i realize and thats all it is.
  4. wesleyx62

    YANKIIZOKU mx32's

    here's me trying to drift it for the second time ever. my tie rods are hitting my lca's even with the bump stops removed. https://youtu.be/_ScD6E2zCG4?t=108
  5. wesleyx62

    YANKIIZOKU mx32's

    here you go
  6. wesleyx62

    YANKIIZOKU mx32's

    heres an update. worth mentioning. car now has custom T3 knuckles, outer tie rods and tension rods. and they feel awesome. https://youtu.be/_ScD6E2zCG4?t=105 heres a little video of my second time ever drifting. talk shit whatever. but ive done more with it in the past 6 months then any of you would have thought lol
  7. wesleyx62

    x30 Lexus 2jzge vvt-I swap

    omfg yes. but on a real note ignore chriSOL heres my build thread my dude http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+kys
  8. so long story short and im not sure why i never updated but i went with an XM rack with a power 86 rack. xm also sells weld on steering column adapter which made it pretty cake. t3 also made knuckles for the 87mm strut spacing the x3 has. currently i have x6 lca's on and t3's x6 tension rod's. still trying to figure out what inner tie rod and outer tie rod combo to use with the knuckles. im glad i went with the xm frame because the rack is now closer to the front of the car by a good inch and a half. should get rid of any binding that would happen.
  9. wesleyx62

    X pics only!!!!

  10. wesleyx62

    WTB: x3 turn signal stalk (or any compatible)

    Intro Faggot!
  11. wesleyx62

    Drift event photos. Everyone waste money!

    only thing i still have thats x3 is knuckles and spindles. lol. thank you for looking.
  12. wesleyx62

    Drift event photos. Everyone waste money!

    not a pic but heres a video of our second drift event. you can see how fucked my x3 got
  13. wesleyx62

    cross compatibility of LCA's

    speaking of t3 my dumbass overlooked the fact that they sell tension rods for x62's. ill just order some of those and the rcas while im at it.
  14. wesleyx62

    cross compatibility of LCA's

    i have 2 spares as well! do you want to sell the knuckles though? mine do not have knuckles. i dont think t3 wants those
  15. wesleyx62

    cross compatibility of LCA's

    turns out x63 lca's are identical to x32 just longer. and x6 lcas bolt right up to adjustable ae86 tension rods. for all the early chassis dudes heres a cheaper solution to better handling skids.