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  1. Ribbed for his pleasure.
  2. Finished oil drain line. Happy with the results.
  3. Lathe almost fucked me down. Every lathe Ive ran has run of the diameter. This one ran off the radius. Took my first pass off the ID and had .080 to go. So I said cool, Ill take .040, .030, then .010 for my finish pass. Yeah not so much. Just glad I double checked after I took the first .040.
  4. Ill have to check next time I have the motor sitting in front of me. Got my oil return line. Ordered a 1/2" NPTF Female x 5/8" 37° JIC Swivel Stainless Steel fitting. Bored out the threads and turned down the OD to clean it up a smidge. After cutting the return line down to the correct size itll be welded together to make a solid piece. Original fitting Cleaned up Roughly what the end result will look like
  5. You talking about the oil feed?
  6. If youre too lazy to go back through my whole 7 pages of a build thread, Im sure as fuck not gonna help you. You act like I built the shit. I didnt. I bought it. It came with two. So back to my previous, I could cut and weld it into one, but why.........
  7. I guess I could cut and weld them into one but why......
  8. Little shit that's been done. Replaced the drain bolt on the transmission. Plugged off one of the oil ports. Oil feed Oil return Turbo mostly bolted up And got the transmission bolted to the engine
  9. Progress is slow but I did pick up a RHD X7 steering rack. Probably the last bit I'll get until the beginning of next year.
  10. Ha............faggot.........
  11. Picture of Subaru engine will be much later. That's gonna sit in the garage until JZ is done. Thought about fixing it first but don't want 2 projects at the same time.
  12. Not much progress. Money is always the limiting factor so Im trying to buy small shit here and there. Bought a V-band one week. ARP pressure plate bolts the next, bought an oil line last week. Probably gonna get a fitting I need this week. I have a bunch of small shit I need to keep getting so ever so slowly the list is getting smaller.
  13. Fix your fucking images! Trying to show someone how the rear fender bullshit is done properly.