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  1. Turbocharged400sbc

    Chitown WaGN....project from hell

    i know! i think it'll be the perfect vibe. i scraped the cosmoline off my index mill and coated the pipes with it, should hold up long enough for the air filter to suck in a puddle i keep looking at it. i can keep my 4 lug weld draglites. ill go through your thread and see what yer up to. i could probably 3d print a rear axle stronger than the 7.1" toyota rear i have
  2. Turbocharged400sbc

    Chitown WaGN....project from hell

    oh and i figured out where id go with the shifter.....and the boot/bezel. ill be 3d printing the bezel for the OEM center consol opening to let me run the B&M shifter with the CR maple boot. been looking at waterjetting a giant hurst pistol grip shifter handle for that subtle drag/drift smashup....
  3. Turbocharged400sbc

    Chitown WaGN....project from hell

    well gentlemen, its taken a while to get where i am now....no longer a master mekanik, now a true mekmachinist...seriously cnc waterjet is the bee's knee's for a gearhead. designed and built a few giant 3d printers so i can make some CF reinforced abs and polycarbonate parts....(working on a 7.5ft x 4ft x 4ft machine that can print the nose for a 94 cutlass.....only way to make racecars lighter....is to make em with more multi functional plastic parts) https://youtu.be/_k1h48T0Ob0 the cressida runs, found lots of electrical issues related to the older toyota stuff, mostly it doesnt like the higher current loads imposed by modern PCM's put it together without the 70mm turbo since ive gotta find a rearend solution before i go grenading something and destroying a rear quarter panel. im pretty much stuck with a custom ford 8.8 or 9 inch while making my own brackets or getting that 8,8 toyota axle bracket kit and make it work. i gotta finish my final rework of the electrical system, im replacing the toyota engine bay box with a GM fuse/relay box...mainly because you cant seriously believe id keep the toyota stuff when the GM stuff is cheaper and the relays can actually swap positions..... it now has a pretty stand alone system for the powertrain but i have the voltage issues extending inside the car as well. well anyways onto a video or two. sounds like a pissed off 2 stroke snowmobile. equal length primary and secondary headers were the right choice, sounds rowdy as hell for a 200hp/240ftlb tq NA 3800 LN3/L27 V6 here's about where i finally figured out why the pcm was killing the O2 heaters/ignoring the O2's and not going into closed loop....because of low voltage transients https://youtu.be/7qfiIgveqQw here's it running most recently before i decided to rip it apart and fix the electrical carp properly https://youtu.be/aGJe7x2z730 cross yer fingers for me that i can drive it in the next month. take care fella's, keep on wrenchin! Regards, James
  4. Turbocharged400sbc

    Brake line flaring tools?

    alot of the oem plastic/epoxy coated lines will readily slip through the jaws of the cheaper tools....my old ass KD tools works great....the newer kits....not so much. ive had some luck with PITA cars using blue loctite and letting it sit and cure before tossing in the mandrel and the press to flare it. then when it holds...you usually split a tube along the weld seam...and if the car has any hint of maint neglect id just replace all the lines.... i fucking hate that armor coating crap....been using the copper-nickle lines off a roll for a while now (~45$ for a 25ft roll of 3/16ths.) get it by the roll and its annealed for easy soft bending....you can fish it through the oem bracket path and bend it in place quite readily...damn near impossible to kink compared to steel
  5. Turbocharged400sbc

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    i drove down to fucking south carolina to find an 84 sedan with the same bumpers as mine... i saw what looked like mx6x lights and turn signals on that 7 and was curious. is that one of dem derr jdm market thingers? fuck i might as well section up a big old chrome buick bumper for it
  6. Turbocharged400sbc

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    why the hell cant i find a shorter less ugly front bumper for my 84 are those 80-84 headlights in that 85+ x7?
  7. Turbocharged400sbc

    Tuner4life's 1991 Cressida Drift Build

    there are cable operated splined collar type driveshaft disconnects for flat towing but id probably suggest this also as an option http://www.sonnax.com/parts/3310-18259SY
  8. Turbocharged400sbc

    Chitown WaGN....project from hell

    well i had some vacation time that i had to use before april...so when i finally found a brown/tan interior 83/84 cressida (brown sedan) me a buddy rented a car and drove down to South Carolina to get the 3 trim pieces that i needed....i ended up buying all 4 inner door pull surrounds, both ashtrays and the inner mirror trim triangles. only cost me $19.27 plus 120$ rental, 200$ in food and seedy motels and 150 in gas fuck you cressida i was really sad that the thing had 4 minty stainless window guards that i wanted but with no way to lower the windows without a good bit of work to remove the screws... that shits almost a tragedy since id love a set and ive yet to see any still available as new old stock. the thing was in terrific shape if any of you other poor mx63/2 bastards are looking for parts
  9. Turbocharged400sbc

    x73/ma61 joint build thread

    its actually a buick motor, though it was a corporate whore just like the original 3.8...so like a retard on viagra...they shoved it into everything. i approve of this...though if that fitment is anything like my project your going to have fun with the oil pan and steering rack/K member good luck
  10. Turbocharged400sbc

    Chitown WaGN....project from hell

    as long as it covers the rusty shifter and the hole i hacked into the console cover/tray...ill be happy
  11. Turbocharged400sbc

    I think I might be a retarded moron.

  12. Turbocharged400sbc

    I think I might be a retarded moron.

    x2 btw normally i just sacrifice 1-3 smoke's for the butts and shove em into the tank vent to canister hose after extending it up to the filler neck out of the way of road debris. keep in mind most oem tank vents do have a rollover valve but not all,
  13. Turbocharged400sbc

    Chitown WaGN....project from hell

    1. thanks 2. im a glutton for punishment 3. no, 900+$ in nearly new welds and MT's in trade for my labor swapping his mustang drivetrain into a new chassis-free is fer me! 4. god id love too! some stockton rims with the GM bubble cap steelie's on it would look slick. problem is that im planning on popping in an 8.8 at some point and my welds are dual pattern so i can runem till i get alloy axles redrilled for the larger 4 bolt pattern. keep in mind i do plan on making the thing look like a wierd turbo buick wagon till people look closer. the turbo buick limited's had plenty of britework in all the same places...i was looking at a buick front and rear bumper on my buddy's car and seeing if i can narrow em and swap em onto the toyota to get rid of these ugly plastic/rubber things. my front bumper support is limiting my turbo filter options...fuck
  14. Turbocharged400sbc

    Chitown WaGN....project from hell

    i almost cracked my compressor cover as the turbo slid off the blocks i was holding it in place with...thankfully quick thinking and 4 of my right toes softened its landing. this is probably the single best demonstration of how little this car likes me. i also sorta went stupid and recently acquired a crown royal bag to solve my B&M shifter /console issue....the brown and gold bag from the maple CR version....actually looks like it'll match my interior fairly well, and give a slight hint of ricer. lets see if i can make it work...6$ is way cheaper than the B&M boot
  15. Turbocharged400sbc

    New to jzx and the cressida

    oh lawde