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  1. Rainycityray

    1uz help kinda stumped. X6

    Yes sir. I looked on the Aussie forms and they didn't have anything either. It's weird. X3,7,8 all have swaps done corollas supras everything but mine haha
  2. Rainycityray

    1uz help kinda stumped. X6

    Haha thanks gordo. I don't think anyone else has done a 1uz in a mx63. All by trail and error.
  3. Rainycityray

    1uz help kinda stumped. X6

    Hey homos. I am currently in the middle of swapping my x6 cressida with a 1uz it's set in but currently not bolted down almost. The problem I'm having is toyota was a bunch of fags with the cressida as they made it with a steering box instead if a rack. So my question is has anyone made a manifold for around the steering box, any pictures or help appreciated. I'm not afraid to convert it to a steering rack I'm already leaning that way. Thanks guys.
  4. Rainycityray

    1uz swap mx63 being done.

    Haha it's all good just giving shit back. Ill repost haha
  5. Rainycityray

    1uz swap mx63 being done.

    Hey Gordo learn how to spell you uneducated fuck. Before you comment. Ill hold your hand all the way back to you first grade teacher and you can start over. Haha and I was but no one has a complete sump they want to sell. So I thought I'd throw it in there that I'm looking for one. Not a whole post on parts I need.
  6. Rainycityray

    1uz swap mx63 being done.

    Gotcha. Ill move it to over there. Anyone have links to any mx63 1uz I haven't found one on here
  7. Rainycityray

    1uz swap mx63 being done.

    Hah isn't this the 1uz?
  8. Rainycityray

    1uz swap mx63 being done.

    Started my x6 1uz build about two weeks ago. Started with my baby an 84 x6 275k fully restored body. She was ready for a new heart and the m motor was just not in the picture. And I didn't want a jz motor anyone can drop that in. And the sound of the 1uz is perfect for this car. I'm running the orginal auto for cruzing purposes as I have full air ride. The donor car was a 92 sc400. Now I'm trying to find a new oil pan kit if any one has a front sump. Got both motors ripped from both cars in under 6 hours total. Only one thing was broken or cut along the way surprising right. Bought my xsessive mounts. Have them in the car. And the 1uz is mounted freshly between the rails. Have some more stuff to play with but hey it's a start the goal is to have it up and driving by old school reunion on June 8th. Here's some pictures.