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  1. Need a front seat belt clasp, the piece the metal goes into. I tossed one of the seats when I gutted the car, didn't even think to remove it from the seat first... now I need it. Will PayPal monies.
  2. slug

    X8 fuse box diagram

    Did a pretty good sweep, couldn't find shit. I either suck at internet, or there just isn't one available.
  3. slug

    X8 fuse box diagram

    Anyone got one they can post? Tried my luck on the interwebs, but couldn't find anything.
  4. i dunno if this is the real deal or not but iv'e heard if border patrol suspects your driving it down to sell, they will seize the car and if they know who the buyer is they will seize the money. which makes no sense to me at all but apparently its happened.
  5. I've been in contact with them already. Just a heads up for anyone buying these, they are made assuming your rear bolt spacing is 18.375". I have confirmed that my cressida and a couple others are all exactly 18.25". Maybe thats a Canadian thing or something I'm not sure. I never heard back from them after we exchanged dimensions and realized they are different. Whatever.
  6. bend the bracket? there are 4 mount points, and its a square. remember when you were 2 years old putting the square shape through the square hole? I guess you just tried to put the triangle in the square hole and never really understood why it didn't fit.
  7. Sorry to bring back a thread from the dead but I have the exact same problem as royrogers. identical fit. There is no combination that places the last bolt hole in the right place. If I drill through the material to make room for the bolt, there's no material left... I'm thinking of grinding it though and using a plate washer, what a pain in the ass after $250 to get these up to Canada.
  8. slug

    Shipping to Canada

    same thing just happened to me, their website calculated like 250 dollars shipping to vancouver just email them they will get you the best rate. unfortunately there's 2 people both answering the same emails and not CC'ing each other on the replies so it becomes a confusing clusterfuck. took 3 days to place the order... they seem to be nice people though, maybe just really busy. they will sort it out just keep trying..