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  1. This thing was a definite scam. Guy was in NY so i offered to come check it out, but i had to plan ahead cause it was 7hr drive. Guy wouldnt give me his number or settle on a day, and kept pushing me to paypal him so he could ship it. Knew it was too good to be true. $2,000 for that thing was a steal. I posted an ad for it in my area for $7,000 just to see how much interest there was in it and i had two guys offer me cash asking price same day. Dude probably made boat loads off scamming people with that thing.
  2. dzero

    JCG10 toyota progres'

    ugh i want this so bad.
  3. dzero

    1jz first start up problem

    Try it again and keep it running. could just be clearing shit out from sitting. I doubt if theres an issue that running it for 10-15 mins and keeping an eye on fluids/temps/etc that it would hurt anything anymore.
  4. dzero

    1JZ VVTi/X8 stuff

    yo if you still have that slim fan setup i wants it. pm me dawg.
  5. dzero


    Damn. i've got the mishi rad with e-fans. one 15" and one 10" Shit runs hot as fuck. on a good day i'm at 90-95c (195-205f) ish On a hot day / beating it on the track it climbs up to 100c (215f) ish Mind you i have old ass water left over from last season, and probably only a tiny bit of water wetter left. And it's being read off an aftermarket sender/gauge from the block where the oem one goes. So my numbers are probably all fucked, but it seems to have done alright so far. Been thinking of mounting a fan on my i/c to push onto the rad, putting some fresh water/wetter in it, and putting a thermoswitch in the system, cause right now im on it ghetto switch style.
  6. Since he found some, anyone still got a pair or two? mine keep breaking / falling off on the highway (passenger side mainly, im on my 3rd). Somebody can hooks me up?
  7. dzero

    Brake line flaring tools?

    man, fuck ABS. that shits stupid. delete the whole fucking system, plumb rears with proportioning valve, you're good. that way you have brand new lines, NO ABS, and no gay ass fucking unions which are guaranteed to leak. problem solved.
  8. Noisy from trans when clutch engaged, then when i push on the pedal to disengage it sounds like im murdering thousands of baby squirrels because of my release bearing. Shits annoying as fuck, but im just gonna wait til i throw that other box in and maybe pull the fucker apart again. Fucking wish i had money for a dogbox. i'd even street drive with it. Clutch in this thing is aggressive enough that i might as well be driving with one. forgot how much fun stop and go traffic was for the left leg.
  9. So.. rebuilt my 154 before it went in the car, new shift forks bearing retainer and i think that was it. Forgot about thrust washer. Was nice and quiet when first started/driven, keeps getting louder and louder and now sounds like i have a fucking dog box in the thing, and shifts like it too, 2nd and 3rd grind to shit when i shift hard. So, did i fuck up by not putting the updated thrust washer in? To me it sounds like the input shaft bearing is gone on the thing, but i'm not too fluent in trans issue diag. Also my factory toyota release bearing has lasted about 10 hours of driving, half on track half street. Picking up a spare trans in a few weeks from some guy for 500$ so im gonna throw that in and take mine apart and look at shit, just wondering if any of you have had issues like these, and what your fixes were? Cheers fuckers.
  10. dzero

    mx83 usdm passenger side corner marker

    depends what shipping would be from you to me dude, I'll pm you.
  11. Mine flew off on the highway yesterday, and i wasn't able to find it.... got a spare driver side but obviously it had to be the one i don't have. Anybody got a spare one?
  12. dzero

    Anyone parting out?

    Dude seemed too extrEME for this board anyways.
  13. dzero

    Anyone parting out?

    On a real note, anyone selling this shit should sell it to me instead of this fuckwad. tksguyz. minus the w58 junk cause that shits for losers.