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  1. I would take this in as a rescue. Some parts stay some parts go. Brakes and suspension are desireable. CD0009 box not so much but all the work that you put into it, I'd hate to not. Wiring harness and ecu, yes please. Motor can go in the trash though. We could work out other things so you could recoupe and the cressida still live on going in a different engine direction. Also, chaser stuff could be optional too. I like it, but not for a steep upcharge, when you could easily find a fan boi to pay a going rate. 

    Basically, I want to keep you good workmanship minus a few things that are not really my personal style though always appreciated in likes and follows elsewhere. 

    Let me know. 

  2. On 10/26/2018 at 12:33 PM, AcidTrip said:

    Got drunk one night and decided to pull my drive train and start my chassis swap. #nomorecrumpledroofboiz1740391899_pulledthemotor.jpg.9c661e6a48f3f4dc0aaf586eb88546c7.jpg

    Chassis strip of all parts including any and all parts as began officially.


    Finished stripping the dumb bitch and sent it off to scrap to make ~$60 in scrap money.


    While the 1j was out I wanted to fix my shitty oil drain issue I had since the first time I did my swap.

    Back story: When i swapped out my blown turbo the first time the brittle rubber oil drain hose cracked and would piss oil everywhere. So i found a local specialty hose company that sold me a ~4" section of hose to use. it was very rigid and would not bend like it should to drain properly and would cause oil to piss everywhere whenever i drove it. Turbo blew up again so I swapped in another turbo and forced the hose and ripped the drain flange off the oil pan and ruined my upper oil pan. so i swapped oil pans & called driftmotion and they told me a front sump soft line kit was impossible and they only sell rear sump kits. I said fuck you and made my own front sump soft line kit. Bought a billet turbo oil feed/drain flange turbo flange off ebay (only one i could find that was short enough to clear my Xcessive engine mounts) and an AN drain flange from some random AZ Performance company or something like that.  The picture shows a 90 degree fitting off the turbo. It's now a 45 degree one and to everyone that said 90 degree is bad, yes i know but the factory drain is a 90 degree; So suck my taint. I've driven a couple thousand miles on it with no issues. 



    Finished buying the rest of anything and everything Xcessive sells for X8's that I didn't already have.

    (not shown rack bushings, tie rod ends they sell and other misc shit i cant remember)

    Had the rear arms shortened by Xcessive more than their standard shortening, so I could achieve 0 camber or close to it and maintain a low ride height.

    Also shout out to Matt Panic for helping me and pressing in my rear knuckle & RUCA bushings for me.


    Shaved most of the bay & Painted my bay this super flakey deep purple and mounted in my drive train and buttoned up almost everything from the tranny back. 


    Then dropped it off to my boy to fab me up a j pipe delete (aka shitty intake heater) with flanges i make and sell, make a full 3" stainless exhaust, recirculated dump into my downpipe, intercooler piping a few other misc small ends and odds. I bought a Joes Aero BN rep kit. It is trash. 10/10 don't recommend and sold it a few weeks later. Also bought an old massive ETS intercooler that was meant for a 3G DSM and repurposed it for my X8.




    Requesting new high res shot of engine bay. It's my lock screen pic, but it is grainy for some reason.