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    1jz map sensor issues

    Hey guys. Just got the next engine running in my mx83.thriwing up fault code for map sensor. Changed map sensor to a mates out of his soarer and still doing the same thing. Where next from here? Turns over and idles, but once you rev it it revs then won't idle and dies. Suggestions on what to do next?
  2. vagazzlesammystraya

    1jz map sensor issues

    Problem solved. This would probably be Why. Used to have a fcd in it. Pulled the wire out while removing loom. I'll happily except any abuse regarding my dumbness
  3. vagazzlesammystraya

    1jz map sensor issues

    Haven't tested it yet. I'm about to get back onto it shortly and nut it out. Hopefully it's wiring from being pulled out a couple of times because I can fix that. But knowing my luck it'll be the ecu
  4. vagazzlesammystraya

    1jz map sensor issues

    I tested the power and has 5v which it should, also has good earth. Only one I haven't tested yet because multimeter cooked it's shit, was the map signal wire. So I'll test that tomorrow. It's a complete jzx81 loom and ecu in my mx83 so no wiring has been cut and Joined from what I see. But hopefully it's a broken signal wire and I can hard wire a new one.
  5. vagazzlesammystraya

    Jzx81/mx83 1jz gte ecu options

    Hi guys New to the forum. From Australia Now, I have a mx83 cressida with a full jzx81 half cut in it. I have searched and searched but is there any aftermarket options for the jzx81 ecu. Be it stand alone or or plug and play.?