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  1. Dirty_Rotor

    x8 corner lights, unbroken tabs!

    I need these for a car Im building with a friend (basically I dont want to pay for them my self) Price shipped to CA? 91351
  2. Dirty_Rotor

    WTB X80 Parking Brake

    i didnt even know x8s had foot pedal brakes whats your center console look like then?
  3. Dirty_Rotor

    Greddy 1jz manifold

    Idk I guess $1k max just saw the price of new t78's lol Power? More than stock less than 500. I guess I'm more concerned about when the power comes on and how hard but I assume that can be tuned for? Please keep in mind up until now I was looking for stock twins but people are asking more then I want to pay for a full assembly, manifold and what have you. And I still gotta pick a wastegate after choosing a turbo....
  4. Dirty_Rotor

    Greddy 1jz manifold

    Thanks gordo! I'm gonna try and pick it up tonight. Ok Gordo so now what turbo to get ... Let's assume I'm building a 1.5jz
  5. Dirty_Rotor

    Greddy 1jz manifold

    Yo sup guys. So does this look legit? It's on Craigslist locally but I can't seem to find any information on a t4 greddy manifold for 1jz. plus it isn't equal length, although it does have the reinforced pieces I've seen on other greddy Manis
  6. Dirty_Rotor

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    No its to protect him when his manifold is in danger
  7. Dirty_Rotor

    An in-depth look at white trash etiquette

    Whatever happened to the z20? :[
  8. Dirty_Rotor

    x3 oyaji wagon

    T bone do you know the proper name for those flower ones? And the maker?
  9. Dirty_Rotor

    1jz stock twins, rebuilt, y-pipe - $300

    What about the fact I just got a 1j short block with no turbo?
  10. Dirty_Rotor

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    I saw a black x8 on Craigslist yesterday had a v6
  11. Dirty_Rotor

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    Yo look at money bags! I guess it shows you can literally buy everything you need to 1j swap a Cressida now. Kinda cool. Good job routing your battery cables on the outside of the car (that passed tech?) Someone take away his spray cans.
  12. Dirty_Rotor

    Im out the club.

    Would the truck make it to cali if this is still a thing?
  13. Dirty_Rotor

    Im out the club.

    Where are you from skeet? AZ?
  14. Dirty_Rotor

    1989 1j Cressida project partout

    Is there no gas tank?