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    Cars, drifting, solving problems, creating problems.....I'm a nice guy but kinda weird. What can I say?
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  1. This guy's clearly pissed..... Anywho, I'm just asking 'cause I want to know what options are available. I'm a year into my project and I still haven't learned how to give up, so here I am asking. You lost me after stoptech....gazoontite? Ragers welcome.
  2. So I've been reading up on Z32 brake swaps for X8 cressidas and even found a swap kit at Flipside customs. http://www.flipsidecustoms.com/toyota-cressida/ Now the question is: If you get the swap kit, can you fit direct bolt-on aftermarket 300ZX brakes on the cressida? I got curious after I found these Z1 brakes and decided to ask. I want to know if the swap kits can allow us to fit more than just OEM Z32 brakes on our cars.