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  1. Mark

    2jz immobolizer shit

    Hi. Was hoping you guys could help me get this 2jz running. It's a 2jz-ge from a lexus gs300 that I want to swap into a '79 cressida, I bought the engine loose which is part of the problem. I connected all the wires needed to start it and it starts but it just stops after 3 seconds or so. So I went back to the guy and he gave me the immobolizer key+ring+transponder. I connected the wires according some vague schematics I found, still same problem. I even tried to hook up a supra ecu I borrowed but it runs really short then dies. If somebody has a detailed schematic of the immobilizer system so I can hook it up properly that would really help me. or maybe some other ideas.
  2. Just some stuff I got with the car, as I probably won´t be using them I thought I would offer them here. I don´t have a price in mind for any of the parts, so make me an offer if you like. I guess the only really interesting part is the digi dash. I have no idea if it works, but it has no visible damages.