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  1. haymaker

    Wtb: 1jz map sensor

    i got one, in az 30 bucks plus shipping (5 bucks maybe?)
  2. haymaker

    progress at a glacial pace

    got to drive the cressida for the first (and most likely last) time today. fuck. it's great. ended up getting a 1976 bmw 2002 and a f20c out of an s2000, gonna see how much i can really hate life
  3. haymaker

    progress at a glacial pace

    20 psi with very conservative timing, it is the kids only car so the tune was done on the conservative side.
  4. haymaker

    progress at a glacial pace

    439hp / 424tq boost comes on at 3400rpm on 91octane i don't have the graph because the tuner is a friend of mine and was just texting me info as he was going along. a little sad right now, i'll get over it
  5. haymaker

    progress at a glacial pace

    I already have an ae86. Parts availability is very important, that shit keeps me from buying somethings truly dumb like a lancia. Parts are as plentiful for the 2002, as the Datsun
  6. haymaker

    progress at a glacial pace

    hey gordo, i'm actually looking at 510's as well. i like both cars equally (510, 2002) and being familiar with japanese cars the datsun is probably the better idea, but the 2002 has always interested me quite a bit.
  7. haymaker

    progress at a glacial pace

    I did not warn him at all about you guys, lamb to the wolves.
  8. haymaker

    progress at a glacial pace

    i haven't gotten the 2002 yet, still shopping around. my corolla has alot of power (for a corolla) i kinda want to concentrate on suspension tuning, then i'll up the power.
  9. haymaker

    progress at a glacial pace

    no problem, at the time i was gonna use the money to pay off bills. if things work out, i'll be getting a 1969-1973 bmw 2002 roundie. i'm gonna try out low hp na. i'll let you guys know how it does on the dyno, i think the new owner scheduled a tuning day for it.
  10. haymaker

    progress at a glacial pace

    i'm pretty sure brian doesn't want it.
  11. haymaker

    progress at a glacial pace

    it just sucks because i built it and as soon as i am ready for tuning, i get this offer. the offer is enough to get me close to a car that i've always wanted, so that's the only reason i am gonna sell it. unfortunately, brian isn't the buyer. he tried to buy it 5 or 6 months ago while i was in the middle of the turbo kit build, i gave him a price that i thought would scare him off (because i didn't want to sell it) and he accepted it. then decided he didn't want it. i really like these cars a little more than i think i should. i'll most likely end up with one again sometime in the near future
  12. haymaker

    progress at a glacial pace

    Sooooo, I just got an offer on the Cressida, a good one. I told the guy that I need a day to decide. Fuckin weird
  13. haymaker

    progress at a glacial pace

    haven't done shit with the car, but my work area is the cleanest it's ever been here is a sound clip of the cx exhaust (no catalytic converter) http://vidmg.photobucket.com/albums/v48/robotsattack/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_1418_zpsziggypnl.mp4
  14. haymaker

    new guy here

    still better than the fucking last 10 who tried
  15. haymaker

    progress at a glacial pace

    yeah, it was a good starting point, it looked like it would hang crazy low if you were to use the stock hangers. mine is tucked up super tight... the exhaust, is. right now i am running it with no cat, and it is super quiet, but sounds pretty nice first time i've driven it in probably 10 months