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  1. tuner4life

    Bought a Mark II JZX81

    Who's going to be doing your tuning? That would be the determining factor for what stand-alone. Some tuners prefer some systems over others and will have better results using what they are used to.
  2. tuner4life

    Fuel cell's

    The stock tank really is in a terrible location. There is a potential for quite a lot of weight aft of the axle which isn't ideal. Plus the way the stock tank is designed, it has issues with fuel-pick-up when the level is lower and under more extreme G-forces. I've actually had issues with stalling when I get to about 1/3 of a tank and throw it around some tighter corners. Took me a while to figure out what was happening. In order to do the fuel cell right, you would probably have to do some fab work to the chassis/trunk floor to really tuck it forward but not too high up..
  3. I don't get why these need to be "adjustable"? Like, are you going to change those around from day to day? Drive to the track in stock mode, change to zero-akerman, align car, drift for a few hours, change back to stock akerman, align car again, drive home.. I guess I don't understand the point. Just buy what you need and enjoy not having extra metal removed..
  4. tuner4life

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    Ugh... I want this kit so bad, but can 110% guarantee it'll be destroyed on the first drive.. Tough decisions....
  5. tuner4life

    Bought a Mark II JZX81

    So many good points here. I've been married for 10 years and have 2 kids now.. I have 10 cars and have only sold 1 at the wife's recommendation (it was a mistake I've since learned from). The kids to put the brakes on stuff to a point, but you can still push through and make progress if you are dedicated. The biggest things that have helped are: -Make your intentions VERY clear from day 1. If you want to be Jay Leno on a budget and race on top of that, tell her on day 1. Make it clear that you are planning to do this with or without her on board and with kids or no kids.. Most women won't deal with it very well, some will. Better to determine that before you've been married, have kids, and can't afford to get divorced, let alone have any hobbies.. -Know ahead of time what kids involve.. They will suck time and money out of your life in ways that you can't even imagine. It's not necessarily a bad thing because they are your kids and that is more special than cars will ever be, but if you want to avoid being that guy who posts a for sale ad reading: "Selling due to kids". make plans ahead of time to be able to pay for them as well as your hobbies. Maybe have a second job for a while, reduce debt, find things to sell, etc.. You have at minimum 9 months to get yourself financially prepared. Then make a strict budget and figure out how or if you can sustain your hobby. I thought I had this figured out pretty well, but I was not prepared for the realization that childcare for 2 kids cost more than my mortgage.. Also your available time to work on the cars will decrease. Even the most understanding wife will start demanding some help with the kids. Not necessarily enjoyable when they are toddler/monsters, but keep looking forward to when they are old enough to shit where they are supposed to and maybe learn how to work on cars with you. Again, the answers vary here, but be aware what you are in for before you agree to having kids Gibbs and Brian are exactly right. Money and time management are the keys to doing this stuff with a family. Honestly, budgeting and scheduling make up a large part of my life anymore. Plus I am lucky enough to have a very frugal wife. Also agree 100% with ChriSOL! It's so disappointing to see some people who have managed to collect so many projects that will just sit in their yard and get trashed before they ever get around to them.. Land and vehicle storage is the best investment you can make for an automotive hobby. Anyways.. Sorry for that little rant, but finding the balance of managing family/kids along with planning and building vehicles is a huge focus for us lately.
  6. Side note.. If you have a later MX83, you may not even need the sleeves. On my 1991, the Supra bushings pressed right into the knuckle. No sleeve needed. Not sure what the year break would be.
  7. tuner4life

    Fiberglass parts D_ApexWorks mx83/jzx81

    If they still have a decent reputation this summer. I think I've just made my mind up..
  8. tuner4life

    Fiberglass parts D_ApexWorks mx83/jzx81

    I thought the X81 doors/quarter panels are wider and have a body line right above the door handles that the US cars don't have. I could even get down with changing the quarter panels, doors, and front fenders so they all match, but the doors in the pictures are for a hardtop (no window frames). That will definitely not work.
  9. tuner4life

    Fiberglass parts D_ApexWorks mx83/jzx81

    This is cool pending quality. The whole rear clip is pretty neat and so are the doors.. If only they were for the US MX83 body.. I like having options for when I tear the rear half of this car off being stupid.
  10. tuner4life

    i just wanna look good for you

    I love this thing! Great job!
  11. tuner4life

    Rear Upper Control Arm ball joint cheap fix

    I've heard good and bad with XM. I have almost all of their chassis stuff for the X8, as well as the engine and trans mounts, dual caliper kit, etc. The only gripes I've had are the standard heim Joints they use are garbage. Lasted 2 track events and less than 1k of street driving before becoming loose/noisy.. You can ask that they be upgraded to better joints which did last a full season of events, however they are bad again. I know that to a point, this is common for heim joints, but it is still a little disappointing that the better option isn't pushed when buying.. I will be replacing them again and using "Sealsit" boots on them to see if that helps. They also had an issue with their polyurethane rack mount bushings at one point and they made that right for me at no charge. Other than that, I've had no issues that weren't self inflicted. Considering that most other cost significantly more, I can't really complain. Plus any time I've called them and needed anything they (usually Rich himself) is always helpful and fast. Even breaking down one of their kits and overnighting me a single tension rod that I had damaged. Their customer service has been the best I've ever dealt with. Again, just my personal experience. Not arguing as I have heard several negative experiences as well. Also to note: My rear arms (off the shelf) when zeroed out as much as possible are at -0.3 deg. While yes, that is not true 0deg.. It is as close as I need/want and still wear my back tires even side to side. I agree that they should be able to adjust closer to zero, but they were pretty close. Honestly, I don't care if Autozone started making replacement RUCAs. I would just replace them every season under lifetime warranty lol. Just need some (any) options if I want to be a lazy ass and not have to build something custom. And as much as I like Gordo's arms, I don't want to re-taper my knuckles.. (It might come to this eventually anyways)
  12. tuner4life

    Gray Center Console From 1991 Cressida - SOLD

    It's actually not too bad to ship as I get a discount shipping through my work's shipping dept. It's right around $15 to most of the country.
  13. I forgot I had this until I cleaned the shop last week. This is the center console assy from my 1991 Cressida. I had thoughts of cutting it up and making the hydro E-brake fit underneath, but I realize now that this car will never have a full interior. It's gray, and in good shape. Comes with the armrest lid and all trim covers/caps minus the shifter surround. I need to find a couple screws that attach the lid to the console, but the hinge is in good shape. The armrest has a slight dent and material wear where your elbow would go. That being said. I've never seen another in this nice condition.. I would like $60 shipped to the lower 48 or picked up in Northern IN 46506 for slightly less.
  14. tuner4life

    Rear Upper Control Arm ball joint cheap fix

    I just wish XM would quit being a cock tease and make RUCAs already..