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  1. Gordo, my deepest apologies and I havent checked the thread. I was on earlier yesterday on my phone just checking PM's. I have a trip scheduled with my friend this Friday, January 4th to go get items shipped out when he ships his items out for his business. As soon as I have the tracking number from USPS ill PM it too you. If there is anything I could do to help ease your concerns please let me know. And if there is any other things you need/want off my car that is small I would be happy to throw them in the box and send them to you as a way to make it up too you for the delay's in shipping since I would consider you a friend. Again, sorry Gordo. Robert Rogers.
  2. Thank you for the patience man! Any other small parts you want/need and ill just throw them in the box with it.
  3. Yeah that gif is about right. I about ran all the way to canada. And no problem Mx! And sorry for the delay gordo it's been snowing and below 20* here the last few days and has been way to cold to work on the car. But it's finally starting to get so I can leave the house again. I'm expecting to get it out on Monday and ill message you a tracking number when I do!
  4. Here you guys go, enjoy! And yes I lined her underwear in 20's
  5. Thank you for the reply MX. And pantie shots will be up tomorrow don't have access to a computer
  6. Still nothing from Mxpwns, and the Paypal dispute is still open. And he has logged in to JZXP and no reply on here either. Ive contacted him every way possible and no reply.
  7. I tried texting Mxpwns, no reply and emailed him and messaged him. Anyone have any other way to get in contact with him? And sadly no pussy pics. I have a few of her scrawny ass in bra and panties though if you guys are interested. And I already got locked up because of this bitch once, I dont want any harassment charges. Although that would be quite entertaining. Also when did we start labeling threads as NSFW? I figured everyone would just assume that JZXP is NSFW always...
  8. Dzero, I emailed you. Let me know if you got it. MxPwns, I have responded to your Paypal, messaged you, and texted you. Let me know if you got them and everything is kosher! Also, center console, A and B pillar trims, and inside mirror covers are pending to TheDonBastard. My new number is (360)558-9608
  9. Oh yes she was fucking crazier than fuck. And I thought I sent the pics ill try and send it again. And thank you Jason! (Tuner4life)
  10. Oh and I forgot to add, I havent had access to my phone because of my ex girlfriend since Tuesday and that number is now disconnected. If anyone has contacted me please PM me on here or wait until tomorrow when I update with my new number.
  11. Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of communication. The past week has been straight hell for me. Lots of different reasons. But to sum it up I lost access to my email, facebook, forums along with my phone. Due to problems with my ex girlfriend. Mark (MxPwns) I am PM'ing you a tracking number. And Gordo I will get you a tracking number by Wendsday! Again I apologize for my hectic life getting in the way of business and I hate for it to do that. But sometimes it does. If there is anything else I can do to help ease your mind. I will update this thread with my new phone number when my phone arrives on Monday, 12/10. And I will text you on Monday as well Mark. Thank you all again for your patience and my sincere apologies, Robert Rogers. And for an apology present, here is a pic of said ex girlfriends tits:
  12. Those are badass. Also how much larger than stock are they?
  13. Dzero, stock rear arms, and I do have the rear brakes for sale still. Roof wing is sold!
  14. Bump, All rear end pieces are for sale, arms, axle, diff ect. Along with body panels, glass and interior!