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  1. Nathan-1JZ

    Wheel fitment bitches x8!

    My New Look Wheels: Rays Volk TE37 Fronts: 17x8.5 +30 Rears: 17x8.5 +30 Tyres: 235/45/17 Front And Rear Modifications to fit: Front gaurds were rolled, rear gaurds rolled and pumped approx 10-15mm. Running full bc coilovers front camber tops maxed and currently sitting at -3 degrees. Rears on standard arms sitting at just over -1 degree
  2. Nathan-1JZ

    Wheel fitment bitches x8!

    Sorry will put up an intro now
  3. Nathan-1JZ

    Wheel fitment bitches x8!

    Hi All i need some advise on wheel fitment for my 1990 MX83, im looking at getting a set of matt black varrstoen's but unsure of what specs would best suit. I have had a look through the entire thread and there are some very nice examples indeed but im looking for an aggressive look with minimal gaurd modifications if possible. At the moment im running a set of 17 inch starcorp wheels with 215/45/17 all round i am unsure of what off set but i can find out Now my dilema is that i was advised by a friend that the mx83 gaurs are simalar to the jzx100 guards and he believes i can run 18x9.5 +12 in the front /and 10.5 +22 in the rear with the right amount of stretch. His jzx100 was running 9.5+20/10.5 +20 and it looked really good. My car is a daily driver so id still like to keep front turn reasonable. If anybody can suggest for me a decent staggered / aggresive fitment it would be much appreciated. My front gaurds are rolled but i am yet to do the rears.