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  1. 1j240z

    JZ Garage Sale

    Messaged you for a few things.
  2. 1j240z

    WTB 1JZ VVT-I intake

    I may have a complete non VVTi sourced. If that deal falls through then I will get with you about the lower intake.
  3. 1j240z

    WTB 1JZ VVT-I intake

    Hey guys, looking for a stock 1j vvti intake. I was going to use an aftermarket one but its just overkill and out of my budget right now. Let me know. Ben
  4. 1j240z

    Driftmotion 1JZ CT26 Turbo Kit $500 OBO

    How much HP is this turbo good for?
  5. 1j240z

    1JZ rear sump oil pan wanted.

    awesome, looks like we will be doing some more business then. How much were you looking to get for it?
  6. 1j240z

    1JZ rear sump oil pan wanted.

    Still looking for a rear or even mid sump oil pan.
  7. 1j240z

    1JZ VVT-I Engine managment

    Awesome, thanks for the input. Im really looking forward to getting it installed. Im not worried about soldering either, I have to do it from time to time at work so I have some experience with that. I also work with wiring so that is not a problem either. Once its running I will post a video of it on here.
  8. 1j240z

    1JZ rear sump oil pan wanted.

    Yeah there is definitely a shitty car scene out here. But I'm not in Tucson by choice, I'm stationed at Davis-Monthan AFB. Moving to San Diego next year though, should be a lot easier to get my hands on car parts, a lot more gear heads also.
  9. 1j240z

    1JZ rear sump oil pan wanted.

    I live in Tucson AZ. but at the moment im deployed to Afghanistan. Could you send a few pics to my email? Bdem54@gmail.com
  10. Hey guys im looking for a rear sump oil pan with all the fixings. I could even settle with a mid sump if all else fails. Let me know, thanks. Ben
  11. 1j240z

    1JZ VVT-I Engine managment

    Well I will be a guinea pig when it comes to MS3-Pro. Not to mention everyone has their preference, Im happy as long as it manages the motor! Also last I heard MS has a tablet app so I can have a heads up display or even adjust my tune on the go.
  12. 1j240z

    1JZ VVT-I Engine managment

    well hopfully they do a better job on my solder points. I get back from my deployment in about 2 months and need t put the motor back together. So tops maybe 3 months till its running.
  13. 1j240z

    1JZ VVT-I Engine managment

    I went with the MegaSquirt Pro and it says it can control the VVTI. When I get the car running with this ECU I will let you guys know the quality.
  14. 1j240z

    1JZ VVT-I Engine managment

    cool, thanks for the info.
  15. 1j240z

    1JZ VVT-I Engine managment

    If I want a good tuner I will have to tow my car about 100+ miles which isn't too much of a problem. I have been looking at MS3 pro and it seems to be the best bang for my buck. As far as the wiring I concerned I've already planned on getting a custom harness made. Do you think that the PS2000 is worth the extra $1000 ill have to pay? It doesn't seem to have many more options, it seems like i'd be paying mostly for the name.. Plus MS has an app for tablets were I can tune it and have a display setup right in front of me.