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  1. jellomonk

    X81/X83 parts in San Antonio

    Thanks to Gordo, bumper skin is gone. All other items still available.
  2. jellomonk

    X81/X83 parts in San Antonio

    I can ship if need be. 75803-2220 License plate moulding NOS, it's never been installed on a car. $120 Cup holder- complete with felt and no broken tabs. $75 Gray fabric sun shades complete $100 Sold: 43DD 52159-91603-NO.2 Mark 2 bumper skin white no trim very good condition. HKS oversize pistons for 7m-gte. $??? If my prices are way off just let me know. I will add pictures later or at request. Email: instantmiker@gmail.com
  3. jellomonk

    Im out the club.

    Fuck, these postings always have terrible timing. Oh well, maybe one will come along when I have money laying around.
  4. jellomonk

    1990 MarkII

    If only this was closer to tax season. I could just drive up to Austin and grab it. FML.
  5. jellomonk

    Honky Enterprises MX83 Gauge Mounts

    I am interested in this if it becomes a thing.
  6. Gordo I'll take it. I'm super busy for thr next two weeks. But after that i can swing by and grab it. I'll bring cash.
  7. jellomonk

    banned from FB marketplace group sale

    If its the grey stock interior I could you a drivers side visor, clamshell (if not broken), the rubber guide for the drivers side window ( the piece that the windows fits into when it's closed). Let me know, paypal is ready.
  8. jellomonk

    MX83/S9/JDM parts all info post #1

    If this was January, we would have a deal. I'm in San Antonio, I will hit you up if things change.
  9. jellomonk

    WTB: Battery Tie Down

    Already asked Gordo, but I figured I'd ask anyways. Does anyone have the original battery tie down for the 83? I know some of you relocated your batteries to your trunks. If anyone has one laying around it would be most appreciated. Part # 7440422290
  10. jellomonk

    WTB: Gx81 front bumper

    I figured I'd ask here fist to see if someone has the mark II sedan front. Also looking for the tucked rear. Thanks.
  11. jellomonk

    Not mine, 89 X8 full part out SoCal

    What color is the interior?
  12. jellomonk

    Buy my battles.

    Shipping to 94585?
  13. jellomonk

    PANIC-WIRE jzs161 budget service

    That's dope as fuck. Would this only work with the JDM 2J or will it also work with the GS300 version?