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  1. warped83

    Anyone know what controls the headlights?

    Did you reconnect the plug from the light stalk to the loom?
  2. warped83

    PANIC-WIRE www.panicwire.com

    Check email mark.
  3. warped83

    1JZ mx83 stalling issue

    Take it to the guy/ shop that built it. Do what Gordo said.
  4. warped83

    lx80 to jzx81 has it been done ?

    You dont need to weld in holes. Theyre already there except for the panhard rod mount which needs to be cut on the left rear. Hilux diff that shit, more worthwhile. Whats the point of adding so much weight for a three bolt mounted diff which gives you less options. Srick to the love axle.
  5. warped83

    Need help with 1jz vvti harness

    Op a kiwi?
  6. warped83

    Need help with 1jz vvti harness

    Reprocussions - Giggity!
  7. warped83

    x90 steering rack questions,

    They're different for the control valve assy. Rack and pinion are same between the two ( pre 2000 models.).XE10- 04445-53010 X100- 04445-22240
  8. warped83

    Detroit TrueTrac for G series.

    fuck that, will do it when i remove the subframe and go through your post of bracing the damn thing.
  9. warped83

    Detroit TrueTrac for G series.

    As per title. Part Number 913A610. Any experience and or advice.
  10. warped83

    Detroit TrueTrac for G series.

    Not interested in the drift fanboifaggotry as kyle puts it. Just after something more refined albeit affordable than the current piece of shit i have at the back. Thanks Gordo, the chattering doesn't bother me and its not excessive just wanted to be sure i didn't fuck up the carrier preload while assembling.
  11. warped83

    Detroit TrueTrac for G series.

    Hey Gordo, was wondering if you could shed some light on this. I have a MA70 (G305) center swapped into a G312 cressida diff. I recently replaced my diff oil to the redline shockproof blue stuff. Recently the cars started snapping/Jerking on tight corners and even does it on take off be it soft medium or balls to the wall. Backlash or just the LSD center?. I've not been able to get the car on a hoist due to busy work. any insight as always is appreciated.
  12. warped83

    Detroit TrueTrac for G series.

    Aren't the TrueTrac and Detroit Locker one in the same kyle? Thanks Gordo, I'm currently running the G305 rear center also ramped up AND with increased pre load but its just crude. Any other aspects besides the machining of the side gears? Off set for the crown etc because like you and the seller i purchased the diff from mentioned its for a Toyota 8 inch rear but includes the G series from 86 to 95. Thanks again
  13. warped83

    Just another 1j cressida

    Noice, same color as mine too.
  14. warped83

    from housewife to pick-a-pull

    Haha..Your car sounds nasty. Good stuff!
  15. warped83

    from housewife to pick-a-pull

    Is this you Kyle? 0:59 http://www.youtube.com/embed/-dkNhRmub70
  16. warped83

    Cheapest way to bring down an x7? (no cutting)

    Lurking my ass!
  17. Hey mark would you do a PnP harness for my car?
  18. warped83

    B1 connector

    Thanks Kyle.
  19. warped83

    B1 connector

    Fucking awesome cuz mine does not have the round plug, its got the 4 pin with blue red, black red (thick), black and black red. The other is the alt main and plug. Time to get the voltmeter out. No other outputs from fusebox.
  20. warped83

    B1 connector

    This one? Two black and a red? If yes, why the fuck is down next to the trans plug.
  21. warped83

    B1 connector

    +12 for Amp. DIY job by previous owner.
  22. warped83

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    Liked, very much at that too! May I ask why the intermittent tacks on the front and rear plates, why not a continuous seam?
  23. warped83

    B1 connector

    *Puts lube and tissues by his side* I looked up Kyles' non-comprehensive guide. I can't figure out where the fucking B1 Plug is. I have a Square 4 wire connector but mine's the 89 MX. is this the one?