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  1. baker

    1jz map sensor issues

    please. the connector. pleaseee
  2. baker

    a340e issues

    It's not like I took out 10mm. Just enough so the valve didn't get stuck, and slightly fatter rings. Was a metal fragment that scored the inside. Worst that could happen from me fucking with it would be the car not moving anywhere. But that happened already.
  3. baker

    a340e issues

    feel free to ship me free parts from the us. thanks mate.
  4. baker

    a340e issues

    By referring to the car you should've been able to figure out what type of 1j it is? Unfortunately in Aus people actually want money for their Autos. This is my daily at the moment. I have 2 other cars I use for doing silly things. BUT also already said I'm getting parts for a manual conversion which people want 10 times the money for. Yea well. I pulled it apart none the less. the valve body has a few valve stuck in ruts they've made for themselves. Honed out the valve slides(?) seem to be working OK. Just have to put it all back together. Thanks for being useless forum.
  5. baker

    a340e issues

    So you don't know either?
  6. baker

    a340e issues

    Hey yea nah. My a340e behind a 1jzgtte form a soarer (jzz30) is playing up. No lights on the dash or codes that I'm aware of. Full of oil, Unknown box filter condition. Just completed a 1600km (1000mile) round trip without issues. I've since stopped driving it as the dex3 leaked onto the exhaust etc. etc. Recently all of a sudden, the gearbox has been getting severely pressurised and leaking dex3 out everywhere. Another symptom is straight after the box gets into overdrive for the first time it will hold for about 3 - 4 seconds then shift down. And continuously go in and out of OD. I'm not good at auto's I've honestly never pulled one apart. But from what I gather it might be the overdrive solenoid blocked? Somehow causing the veins to become full and cause the box to weap from everywhere? Should I bother getting a filter and replacing the solenoids or is the box wrecked? Side note: I'm gathering pieces for a manual conversion, but the dropbears keep hiding it from me. Thanks.
  7. baker

    lx80 to jzx81 has it been done ?

    There was a bloke I know know of, who just drilled some holes instead of welding in nuts. He drilled the holes through and had steel plate to reinforce where the bolts went through - think big fuck off washer.