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  1. cliffmeister

    Anybody interested in this shit?!?

    Jig this up and put me down for one
  2. cliffmeister

    The (Amazing) x8 Amazing build thread Amazing

    On a side note, I'm really liking those mesh wheels
  3. Fuck man, I haven't seen a an old stock R for less than 1K in a while... And $2-$2500 seems to be the norm for these fuck heads for a new one... With that said, I'm holding out on more feedback on the CD009s I know Gordo absolutely hates the ratios but I have a MK3 diff lying around with a 4.1 and 4.3 final drive...
  4. cliffmeister

    The never ending hole in my pocket

    "Don't you go dying on me now"...
  5. cliffmeister

    I need a MAP sensor

    Efrain from Suspicious is selling one
  6. cliffmeister

    Premature jz-ulation

    Nice, where'd you get it from?
  7. cliffmeister

    Premature jz-ulation

    Future fabrication have them at about $300
  8. cliffmeister

    Premature jz-ulation

    From my understanding, JZX100 is the one you want motor wise
  9. How are the tabs on the corner lamps and headlights? All in tact?
  10. I have a MK3 front half/driveshaft But don't know what shipping is... Prolly butt fuck no lube price
  11. ^damn, couldn't have said it any better...
  12. cliffmeister

    progress at a glacial pace

  13. cliffmeister

    Someone trade grills with me

    I like to tell people it's a 4 banger Camry
  14. cliffmeister

    Someone trade grills with me

    Yours is Zenki or S1 model What you're looking for is Kouki or S2 model
  15. If it doesn't sell before you move, I got $200 for the shell