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  1. Nvm I just notice your last post
  2. Thx gordon for those pointers I fucking sucks at English I guess I'll start updating my build thread in Spanish, either way where can I find those internal slave cylinders and do I need a "custom" base plate,cd009 has a problem with the oem slave cylinder where it gets to hot inside and makes the pedal feel spongy
  3. There doing the custome flywheel also becuase it needs to reach the fork/internal slave cylinder
  4. I spoke with supra store also these week about there adapter kit and they told me in the upcoming weeks they will have a solution for the clutch type... There doing a brand new flywheel that will take a 300zx pressure plate and 350z clutch disc
  5. BTW I clarify that I do live in Mexico but I do have a us adress and I'm a us citizen... To much bullshit to buy a God damm car part
  6. I spoke with him on the phone a couple of days ago and he's words where I don't feel comfortable selling my adapter plates out side of the USA becuase of fear of getting it copy.... Either way supra store sell a similar one he has (new adapter plate that you use the automatic bellhousing)
  7. Once again making bad financial decision i sold my old set up and i ended up getting these cool Maverick adapter i email the owner and eta is arround a month so let the waiting game begin..... BTW Collins adapters sucks it seams that if your not living in the USA he won't sell you nothing, I email him some simple questions about the adapter and such he ended up asking me for a picture of my car with the date on it and asking me who am I and other dumb questions at the end he didn't sold me the adapter plate just because I live in Mexico so these being said fuck Collins adapters he won't be getting my business, what a stupid way to run a business BTW here are some gorgeous pictures of the Maverick adapter can't wait to have it in my hands
  8. joooeone1

    Tuner4life's 1991 Cressida Drift Build

    Time for some wide quarter panels maybe? I BTW looking good man keep it up
  9. joooeone1

    X pics only!!!!

    Puro vato loco
  10. So I finally got my hands on some cool wheels and not only reps, thx Tyler for sending them quick...... Now I can start working on some wide fenders for the x8 when I get my car back from the shop
  11. joooeone1

    X pics only!!!!

    Uuuu aaaa I'm hunting for "likes" beacuse I'm a Facebook addict, common pendejo read the forum rules and do a fucking intro.......in other news Andrew's car looks awesome for some reason It reminds me of a battle ship and I got to add I love it
  12. joooeone1

    1.5JZ JZX100

    Where's your intro asshole? Can't you read the forum rules God dammit
  13. Only thing I got to add is big win plus....
  14. joooeone1

    Desert ratt rodd 3000

    Looking good mate... For a guy with no arms doing fiberglass