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  1. Do you guys have the issue of Series 1 and series 2 being different? We found this out recently in Aust and with X81 series 1 and 2 that there is a difference in bar lengths only about an inch max but enough to make a perfect fitting kit not fit .

    Steering - I want to go backwards

    Some guy made them in aust. I wonder how much different AE86 ones are

    Steering - I want to go backwards

    Im going the same setup. i have custom LCA my spec built by XM JZX100 inners with there AE92 outers was still not long enough so going AE92 with steering spacers The reason being is my old URAS tie rods had spacers built in so i thought i would give these ones ago still going to run a lock stop kit also decided im going to custom my cross member and move the mounts up 20-30mm

    Steering - I want to go backwards

    AE92 or longer is Honda prelude i been told. Will be looking into these soon

    XM X8 Full Rear Arm Kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How often are you going to adjust it from the top though? your adjustment should be via the bottom

    MX83 Rear Subframe Reinforcement Plate

    LOOP holes i think the term is XM Running aussie design as we do it better but for people wanting to know how to weld it up

    XM Shop Forum

    Just buy beech ones and stop being tight arses mercia

    MX83 Rear Subframe Reinforcement Plate

    HAHAHA. I will be making a blog post soon showing the Tezuka/kidsheart/freedom extra bascing they do on a rear subframe. they dont have clean welds but does the job. (although i did add this style brace to my one just for added bracing wank factor)

    XM Shop Forum

    HAHA My car will just sit in yard. as hard parking is cool these days and you dont need a engine for that. If i had to design my own arms i would do what Troy said with say Zero as the stock adjustment and then maybe 5mm. as for adjustment i think the way to do it would be adjust the top a tad longer then stock one and then use the lower arms for all the other adjustment.

    MX83 Rear Subframe Reinforcement Plate

    fuck just read that. Poor USA guys. it says no movement of subframe would this also mean no subframe bushes to move the location 10mm up?

    XM Shop Forum

    LOL There my arms

    MX83 Rear Subframe Reinforcement Plate

    And hammer unless you plan on welding with that huge gap between the bushes and plate?

    Electronic boost controller thoughts for a 1J

    I have blitz dual on my car but removed it to run ECU Based boost controller
  14. Racepak dash? or Race tech Dash? But if you run ODB Sensor there are heaps more options out there.

    6spd Supra Getrag into Jzx81

    Truth. Friend done it removed i think less then a month later.

    Bosch 044 fuel pump in an X8

    I have a 044 running with -10an fittings. but im running it in a ATL Fuel cell so no help with the hangers

    x8 tension rods, are you kidding me?

    When i get my computer back so i can get back on solid works. been held up trying to find a good manufacture in Australia who does not want to charge me stupid amounts of money for bushes to be made. Im looking at buying in sets of 10 till i can afford have market to buy in bigger production but yeah at the moment it sucks to deal with some aussie companies and i dont want to go offshore but might have to just to be able to compete in the market.

    x8 tension rods, are you kidding me?

    Go solid bushings like what im running. Will post a picture up one day of all the solid bushes i have

    WTB: S9 Weld on Strut Tubes

    Why S9 ones? when you could buy any brand ones and they will work for half the price. Ground control/Koni/yourmummasofat

    Buyer beware

    HAHA. Since i been designing my own parts for my car and modding XM/breech stuff to suit my needs as we run stupid low and so on i know how it would feel to get stuff ripped off and rich has been a huge help and done what i have asked like added extra length to arms and so on and doing good deals on bulk buys about 4Grand+ i think i have spent with group buys and stuff to help aussie people.

    Way too much fun to stop.

    AHHH good to know a lot less camber is run on the rear.

    Buyer beware

    OH i got a special mention on your page... i feel special