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    Project IBIS.... AKA the bin chicken JZX81

    Also hard to see but i have another black JZX81, so a lot of parts spare and it has been a bit of a shock the amount of items i have purchased and have had in storage for a good 10+ years. but also agree very lucky to be RHD
  2. Anyway, thought i would make a build thread for the car i'm currently working on. Goal of this car is pretty much a fuck around street/drift car. so i purchased this car from Tassie sight unseen after what was described as interior is complete, and damaged repaired, had it shipped over and friend picked it up and the 1st msg I got was "do you know the condition of this car" lol so hopes had been smashed a little. The car was very cheap even after postage and well people who know JZX81's know there is only a handful in the country so i was ok with it i guess. As you can see in the pictures just about every panel on the car has issue's, the front rad support is fucked, strut rail passenger side fucked, dash items are all cracked or have holes in them. wires chopped just about everywhere and random shit missing. holes drilled into floor for battery and fire extinguisher, seats missing, seatbelts missing, just about everything LOL. i never had huge plans for this car, was going to turn it into the race car but i already have another JZX81 with weld in cage, tubbed front, etc so returning that one to stock seemed like more work than to just fix this one. so, I started the repair process. Purchased wreck with brown trim with intention of using rad support and so on. Purchased some seat's and started the process of putting this car back together Purchased an Alpine head unit was on sale and double din and only $150 so jumped on it and it’s not like I need features it’s not a daily. Contacted friends and asked what parts they had available and got front bumper, found a spare headlight in my stash of parts and have purchased front indicator's and a RH side headlight to complete all the lights. I have guards although flared i will probably run them. Engine wise it will get just about everything from my "race car JZX81" so HKS built 1JZ, Radiator, intercooler, GT3240 etc. I will post pictures up of it when i finishing putting the pulley kit and DBW swap on it. so overall, i hate the car and don’t mind denting it and so on as it will pretty much be a practice car and getting scrap parts i have had in storage over the years and will be the test mule for the race car. lesson learnt, don’t buy a car sight unseen LOL.

    [HIZOKU] PIG EYE Streeter

    So small update, Purchased some front bilstien coilovers with FD RX7 brake's for the car, so hopefully it should handle semi decent and stop on a dime. Found an X4 rear diff mount and purchased it to see how far off it would be from fitting. Here is picture vs MA61 mount Mount wise it looks like just some threaded bungs welded in and it would fix the issue, however not 100% sure as the old custom welded in mount was still in place. so i will remove that and have a fresh look when i have some time. Also got a delivery of the water pump and other little bit's, so i can finally finish the engine and put it all together ready to drop in. Here is a random picture of my two bulldogs lol

    Fiberglass parts D_ApexWorks mx83/jzx81

    SHHHH the old man still thinks this place is relevant.

    Fiberglass parts D_ApexWorks mx83/jzx81

    It seems you have a problem with him not posting though, bit of a contradiction to your comment of report or move on?

    Fiberglass parts D_ApexWorks mx83/jzx81

    Actually responds to his insta/facebook maybe not here because no one can be bothered dealing with you.

    Fiberglass parts D_ApexWorks mx83/jzx81

    Gordo, it might be less quality then other item's on the market but it is also at the correct price point for it.
  8. E7 people use to as well, but now they just hate on it all. some of there items are good, but 90% of there item's are copied from some other company and they add one item and call it there own
  9. Koyo radiators have had X81 radiators on the shelf for like 10 years, for them to be developing a X83 one say's they have not researched there catalogue
  10. Have any of you used different knuckles or on the ones you purchased and never tried anything else?
  11. Most drift meet's we have string alignment tools and so on, so i guess not much of an issue vs america maybe?

    Fuel cell's

    Ok found the pictures Stock fuel tank, but with dual pump's in Matt L's car My setup, (might still go this route in new build) not sure why i had the smaller cell, the plan was to use it as a surge tank with dual intake pump's then i was like NAH CBF and purchased the in cell surge setup and had a 044 in it. then i sold my Cell and it went into this JZX100 FD car, Power vehicles build for Australia FD, as you can see it is mounted directly over the sub frame if i was to do things again i would probobly do something like this as well. but with the radium intake setup witch is now what all the power vehicles use.

    Bought a Mark II JZX81

    Haltech, but only because there support is awesome, i went Emtron KV8, but that is in the same class as M1 series and only a couple $100 more then the haltec's i was looking at.
  14. Same could be said for people who have knuckle's, why do you need them? you can do backwards entry's on stock knuckles and have the easy of driving..... but the use i see is, grip vs drift day's and different tracks you might not want zero
  15. Acostal Motorsport Development adjustable knuckles