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  1. http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/toyota/ These are Toyota programs used by Toyota in australia. will probobly not work with out licenses but if you can get them working let me know how and i will add an instructional manual for it. http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/textbook/ Educational book's inn regards to automotive learning. http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/manual/1JZ/ JZ Engine manual's (this link will change when i get home to JZ and not 1JZ http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/manual/Cressida MX83/ 92 USDM Cressida Manual All Cressida Wiring diagrams including wiring 7MGTE into X8 and Digital Dash into X83 http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/manual/Toyota Wire Harness Repair.pdf Toyota wiring harness repair manual http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/manual/Cressida MX83/Wiring Diagram/ http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/manual/Supra A70 A80/ A70 Manuals Use for 7MGTE item's, and A80 is 97+ so use that for 2JZ VVTI item's http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/manual/Japanese manuals/ Now all Japanese Manuals including missing 3 and 5 http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/greddyE01/ Greddy E01 firmware (was going to attempt to hack/crack it to see if i can do shit with it) did find a way to add GPS Speedo to it http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/vid/ These will get changed soon to be a bit more youtube/online video friendly but one is the JZ special japan magazine DVd and the other is realst how to build JZ engine manual thing.

    Wiring harness identification needed

    Solid reading of the problem. clearly states he needs to buy an ECU...... 11/10 for being a potato.

    Support your local

    A section to advertise Australian people/Shop's supporting X8 item's Missile Motorsport (Adam) supplies the Tezuka style kit, Destructive king front with Hippo sleek side and rear Anthony supplies X83 Rear sun shade spoilers and window visors Ciscokids supplies Multiple item's follow links for pictures X8 items include Yamaha Spoiler, Bigwin Type 1 Kit, AM Type Front Lip, Roof Spoiler and X3 item's Hizoku Chinspoiler Haydn's Supplier of Conversion loom's and Manual shift boot's Technico Subframe and diff bushes and other item's Andrew S Subframe and diff bushes and other item's Golebys X8 Engine Mounts KE Conversions X8 Engine Mounts and Clutch Pedal

    X8 workshop manual

    Well, JZXP been around longer then JZXworld so would JZXP be the coke as it is orginal and JZXWorld is like that new flash guy that tries to come in at $100 a bottle and say's it got the water from the tip of a albino killer wale's dick and is limited editon and all flashy. but it never last's

    X8 workshop manual


    X8 workshop manual

    I got banned from JZXworld because they would charge $50 a year for users to give away items that are free online. what i dont understand is how he is not making money with 100L plus in followers and so on. fucking sell some stickers and tee's and you would see a nice income.

    X8 workshop manual

    http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/manual/MX83/ still there, just under the new format of link's like the jap ones

    Current working's X8 Knuckles

    Update https://www.facebook.com/stewy.bryant/videos/10156614245443744/UzpfSTQzODU0MzE3NjIxNjgzNToyMjY0NjczODIwMjcwNDE5/

    Current working's X8 Knuckles

    So as some of you on here know i run Ciscokids and as of late i have been rather lazy to produce my own parts, I have been working with other companies to produce item's for X8's Like Superpro and now Acostal. The reason for this is why reinvent the wheel and why should i design something when i can get a specialist to. AKA im the Supreme of the car world JK i dont vape. anyway just drumming up interest as i have kept this pretty hush hush and only told a couple of the aussies about this and even less have seen this picture. here is the adjustable knuckles for X8's acostal are working on. these are just the 1st design, plan on adding a couple other features to this. for people who dont know acostal, the company is run by Stewry Bryant, probobly not the most biggest name in drifting even here in aust, but known for his suspension design and just going big/sending it https://www.facebook.com/acostaldev/?timeline_context_item_type=intro_card_work&timeline_context_item_source=733698743&fref=tag the design is adjustable akerman https://www.facebook.com/acostaldev/videos/1633791943589399/ anyway, i will keep you in the loop if you are interested. also looking at other item's like LCA's and Castor arm's but starting off with knuckles 1st as i need them.

    Wanted: ecu connectors with pigtails


    Suspension for road-course/grip. Flame away.

    Currently going through this Camber Mod (modified E30 BMW ones) as raptor racing have nothing in stock for the next 2+ months bilstien suspension in rear with coilover conversion. LSD if i can find a sway bar i will add one, but right now it will just be the stoker. friends have just said no to the IRS and swapped in S13 rear's and 100% if i did all this again i would go the same route. it will fit well with a X7 and still retains 4 stud.

    [HIZOKU] PIG EYE Streeter

    My Coil overs are almost complete, ended up going a bit heavier on the valving and a bit softer on the spring (6kg) with a 430mm length. so this leaves me with a list of upgrade to LSD, new bushes and disc's and the rear end should be complete. feels good having a bit of progress on a build considering how long i put everything off to setup a company and get into a house, hopefully progress keeps happening.

    [HIZOKU] PIG EYE Streeter

    So new purchases. went and purchased the platinum racing products VR38 Coil conversion kit, purchased coil's via work how ever. Also found out 370z and GTR have the same coil it is just the coil tube that is different (removable) so if you want to save money buy the 370 ones as they come in $26 dollars cheaper. Other items on the way, custom rear bilstein shock's with coilover conversion. based off stock length AE86 with a tad heavier spring 8kg and valving to suit.

    [HIZOKU] PIG EYE Streeter

    All the engine service item's and little upgrades/wank factor items are here. so i can now put the cam's in service the engine and put it all together ready for it to be placed in engine bay. Decided to go R35 coilpack's 100% over kill but the reason behind it was more based around spares for the JZX81/1JZ. this way i should be able to borrow looms if need be or coils and so on.

    [HIZOKU] PIG EYE Streeter

    Yeah i dont expect this car to be any quicker then really anything. i just know it will sound nice at high rev's and i know a lot of people have cooler cars out there. i just want to be a tad different and enjoy the car 99% of the time it will be just cruiseing that 1% track day or skid pan day i will never expect it to be in the top 10 lol