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    Fiberglass parts D_ApexWorks mx83/jzx81

    Gordo, it might be less quality then other item's on the market but it is also at the correct price point for it.
  2. E7 people use to as well, but now they just hate on it all. some of there items are good, but 90% of there item's are copied from some other company and they add one item and call it there own
  3. Koyo radiators have had X81 radiators on the shelf for like 10 years, for them to be developing a X83 one say's they have not researched there catalogue
  4. Have any of you used different knuckles or on the ones you purchased and never tried anything else?
  5. Most drift meet's we have string alignment tools and so on, so i guess not much of an issue vs america maybe?

    Fuel cell's

    Ok found the pictures Stock fuel tank, but with dual pump's in Matt L's car My setup, (might still go this route in new build) not sure why i had the smaller cell, the plan was to use it as a surge tank with dual intake pump's then i was like NAH CBF and purchased the in cell surge setup and had a 044 in it. then i sold my Cell and it went into this JZX100 FD car, Power vehicles build for Australia FD, as you can see it is mounted directly over the sub frame if i was to do things again i would probobly do something like this as well. but with the radium intake setup witch is now what all the power vehicles use.

    Bought a Mark II JZX81

    Haltech, but only because there support is awesome, i went Emtron KV8, but that is in the same class as M1 series and only a couple $100 more then the haltec's i was looking at.
  8. Same could be said for people who have knuckle's, why do you need them? you can do backwards entry's on stock knuckles and have the easy of driving..... but the use i see is, grip vs drift day's and different tracks you might not want zero
  9. Acostal Motorsport Development adjustable knuckles

    Bought a Mark II JZX81

    Fuck off Cunt, there we go, i fixed this thread and its now back to JZXP spec's

    Fuel cell's

    I have gone fuel cell, but i cant find the pictures now and well that is all LOL. if i was to do it again i would move the tank setup as close as i could to behind the backseats instead of in stock location but who know's really

    Bought a Mark II JZX81

    going with the new age and how kids are non binary and so on i feel you should didicate your kid to the JZX and call it JZX81MARK2

    Bought a Mark II JZX81

    Australia. 50km is about an 1 hour drive. Wife works out in the opposite direction so it was a good middle ground.

    Bought a Mark II JZX81

    I have been married now for just over a year, i have cut back on car's and have made a deal on 4. My MX32, My Street JZX81, My race JZX81 and then a future car im yet to decided. (lead sled/hotrod or some stupid tube frame fast fucker race car with some toyota shell on top with 1UZ twin turbo at a minimum and a 1:1 power to weight) I have seen my car funds get lower and lower but in saying that i have multiple houses and about to buy my forever home where a huge budget has gone to a shed 6 car minimum with 2nd floor. so the wife and i work out a lot and while i do see a lot more in her favour im not un happy it has put me back on track with my car's Kids are on the cards but and i do see me putting a fund aside of BMX's, Gokarts and Gaming lol so while she has a little issue with me blowing money on car's but she also see's they bring me joy and happiness so she is ok with that. i should also add we have made a new deal i can get a motorbike if the new house is more then 50KM away from work lol.