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    [HIZOKU] PIG EYE Streeter

    To be honest, the GTE covers of a VVTI dont fit on the non VVTI side, i had to modify the mounting holes to do so. it was not to bad only about a inch out on some hole's but this is probobly something no one will tell you and i have read it before people saying they are a direct swap. Getting the pulley kit this Friday, so hopefully by Saturday i will have all the front covers on and ATI balancer/Greddy pulley's

    [HIZOKU] PIG EYE Streeter

    Small update, Nothing major has happened still awaiting for my coilovers. been a bit of a fuck around between supreme motorsport, hypertune and WTAC builds and shit and now the backlog of work. a bit pissed off about it all as i was told i would have them no later in 8 week's. its been 6 months Have purchased all the rear subframe bushes and i ended up getting my hands on the camber mod kit Over the weekend i ended up putting in the follow, Heat shield gasket ITB Fuel rail injectors filters Cam gear VVTI solenoid Got to buy a pulley/gear remover to do the front oil seal and car is booked in for 10th of January to get camshafts done. (i dont trust myself)

    Rear Upper Control Arm ball joint cheap fix

    /facepalm I said i need your front LCA's and i need them 1 inch longer then stock. as i did not want to have to adjust it for the extra 1 inch, i wanted to have it un adjusted and be longer. when i got the item's they extended the incorrect end so sway bar mounts would not fit. ij could just chop them and weld the mounts back but i just went S13 LCA's in the end and gave up dealing with XM.

    Rear Upper Control Arm ball joint cheap fix

    I had them custom make items before (extend front LCA by an inch), lets just say i have a $500+ door stop/paper weight as the item did not fit and when i contacted them they did not want to hear about it and ended up not responding. But i see your point with stance fad and why they would make something to suit. but in saying that it is 10mm(CBF translating to MERICA format) they could have sorted that out like S9 did with there design that works for all.

    Rear Upper Control Arm ball joint cheap fix

    XM cant even make lower control arms that zero out, i would not put my trust in them making upper arms
  6. Contacted hard race, they actually have everything and one arm is the same as JZX100. so here is another option for people.
  7. 6 Pot calipers require Audi S5, Audi part #4G0615301 Audi Disc? that is 5 x 112 so you would need to re drill disc's. but as you said Skyline ones are awesome. I was looking at putting on 17z/18z calipers on mine but we will see. only reason being as there cheaper then skyline calipers here. 90% of people in Aust have had issues with XM gear snapping/not going down to zero camber when low. so always looking for alternatives. as you said to cant adjust when it is on the car easily
  8. Thought I would make a place we can all post new products we stumble across that are more X8 related anyway, Hardrace has bought out some lower arm's for X81's. i wonder if this will mean more products by them for X8s [/img] http://www.hardrace.com/VEHICLE_Search.asp?Car_Make=21&Car_model=63&Car_Type=596&x=37&y=14

    Rear Upper Control Arm ball joint cheap fix

    JZS155 Rear arm into X8 how to, Part number for JZS155 Rear arm is 48770-30010 That part number is shared across 1996-09/2000TOYOTA MARK 2GX10*,JZX10*,LX100 09/1996-05/2001TOYOTA CHASERGX10*,JZX10*,LX100,SX100 09/1996-05/2001TOYOTA CRESTAGX10*,JZX10*,LX100 08/1995-07/2001TOYOTA CROWN, CROWN MAJESTAGS151,JZS15*,LS151,UZS15*

    Rear Upper Control Arm ball joint cheap fix

    You can run JZX100 rear arm's they are 10mm shorter so will give you camber, but if you buy adjustable ones you can sort it all out with arms and shit.

    Bought a Mark II JZX81

    Contact Kurtz dump pipes on facebook, rebuilt twin's with a dump pipe got over 300rwkw on a Australian dyno so that is like 500hp on a american. you can re stock the wheels with GTX garret core's if you run e85 you can get a 10sec pass out of the engine if you have supporting mods. so it is not a bad discussion, i have wanted to run the Kurtz high mount stock turbo's as that looks cool due to twin high mount but yeah you need two front turbo's i believe.

    Bought a Mark II JZX81

    For JZX people you really dont have a clue about JZX model's and on a good note, i chopped the shit out of my Yamaha edition who cares', you can buy them used for 22K AUD (Price Last one sold for) they are not anything special, and you only paid for a sticker really, then got access to pick from the accessories you want and that is why some have more yamaha accessories then other's. on a side note you have a nice JZX81
  13. http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/toyota/ These are Toyota programs used by Toyota in australia. will probobly not work with out licenses but if you can get them working let me know how and i will add an instructional manual for it. http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/textbook/ Educational book's in regards to automotive learning. (aero, tuning ect) http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/manual/1JZ Engine/ JZ Engine manual's http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/manual/Cressida MX83/ 92 USDM Cressida Manual http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/manual/Toyota Wire Harness Repair.pdf Toyota wiring harness repair manual http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/manual/Cressida MX83/Wiring Diagram/ All Cressida Wiring diagrams including wiring 7MGTE into X8 and Digital Dash into X83 http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/manual/Supra A70 A80/ A70 Manuals Use for 7MGTE item's, and A80 is 97+ so use that for 2JZ VVTI item's http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/manual/Japanese manuals/ Now all Japanese complete collection http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/greddyE01/ Greddy E01 firmware http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/vid/ JZ special japan magazine DVD and the other is realst how to build JZ engine manual thing.

    Wiring harness identification needed

    Solid reading of the problem. clearly states he needs to buy an ECU...... 11/10 for being a potato.

    Support your local

    A section to advertise Australian people/Shop's supporting X8 item's Missile Motorsport (Adam) supplies the Tezuka style kit, Destructive king front with Hippo sleek side and rear Anthony supplies X83 Rear sun shade spoilers and window visors Ciscokids supplies Multiple item's follow links for pictures X8 items include Yamaha Spoiler, Bigwin Type 1 Kit, AM Type Front Lip, Roof Spoiler and X3 item's Hizoku Chinspoiler Haydn's Supplier of Conversion loom's and Manual shift boot's Technico Subframe and diff bushes and other item's Andrew S Subframe and diff bushes and other item's Golebys X8 Engine Mounts KE Conversions X8 Engine Mounts and Clutch Pedal