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    Simultaneous explosions, like when I'm porking your mom's dusty orifices. Jacking off to car crash videos. Flipping the bird to my neighbor kid that wants help installing some fag ass cam gears on his honda, fuck no.
  1. WhyDoNipplesCry

    WTB Mx73 auto trans

    Not sure what a closset is but thanks anyway for the tip...... I guess I forgot to come back and give away my well earned tit/twat/taint/t't't't't'tubular pics.. I don't really plan on leaving, so I guess I'll get on that? Oh pardon me, .., Sir*. [sorry to thread jack Shakagash!]
  2. WhyDoNipplesCry

    WTB Mx73 auto trans

  3. WhyDoNipplesCry

    WTB JZ Bellhousing for W58 *CASH IN HAND*

    Lurk the interwebs bro. Got mine fir a hella steal. S'all about the timing if they're gonna be a cheapo...