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  1. NAC

    x3 oyaji wagon

    I too love a good brick house. There are a ton of brick houses in Toronto, and it gets a solid winter? I always thought it was more due to availability of building materials in the region (at least back in the day).
  2. NAC

    JZX100 Chaser

    Nah, I decided to stick it in storage and do something with it in a few years. Had a couple reasonable offers, but I couldn't bring myself to sell it.
  3. NAC

    JZX100 Chaser

    Yea, should be an interesting task to find a place, but I should be making enough to get a studio or small 1 bedroom for my gf and I. Will get a lot easier once she gets a job and can help supplement. Everyone I talked to in the position I am going into either lived in Palo Alto, Menlo Park or SF itself, so I'm hopeful for its feasibility.
  4. NAC

    Curse of the Cressida

    https://www.pure-gas.org/index.jsp?stateprov=BC I think this is the one. Crowd sourced info, perhaps hard to tell how recently it's been kept up to date though.
  5. NAC

    Curse of the Cressida

    Yea, it is such crap when they are taking sub 91 octane fuel, adding up to 10% ethanol to it, and selling it to you as 91 octane. You then get less mileage out of it in comparison to 0% ethanol - but paid the same price. E85 is different, as you are getting the octane benefits of ethanol, not just the company using that to get it up to the reported octane rating. Plus, if you are putting E85 in there, you (hopefully) have checked and are checking on your fuel components more often (for older cars) or it is designed to be okay with that. Doesn't help that our gas is a stuuupid price up here right now...at one point someone was running a website tracking who was putting ethanol in what in BC. That might be worth checking to see if it is still a thing if you are concerned about this in the future.
  6. NAC

    JZX100 Chaser

    Job is at Stanford, hoping to live reasonably close to there. Not to sure yet.
  7. NAC

    JZX100 Chaser

    Don't be a bitch. Buy and do a front and rear end swap.
  8. Yea, that's an unlikely scenario Gordon. Mostly Canadians flying to India or heading to Mexico if unsatisfied (not common at all). I'm just glad I'm going to have full coverage from my employers when I move down to the States. Your system seems sketchy AF.
  9. NAC

    JZX100 Chaser

    Aight guys, looks like I'm coming down south, so I'm going to sell my Chaser since I can't be bothered to bring it with me and try and dodge the 25 yo rule. Here is a CL ad: https://vancouver.craigslist.org/van/cto/6971944008.html. OBO, especially for JZXP people. If anyone in the states wants it, to either sit on for a little while or try and import, it is only ~$12k USD...would be keen to get some USD in my pocket before I move stateside.
  10. NAC

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    It boggles my mind that anyone would sell someone a car and give them the keys before getting 100% payment. Am I just a paranoid weirdo?
  11. NAC

    Sleeper MX83 build

    Can you guys just switch to the Canadian spec seatbelts? Or would that require switching a ton of trim, etc?
  12. I don't think it's much a matter of ability, more so the hassle. I would want to show up 100% ready to rock personally.
  13. NAC

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    @battleaxe USA - LA, I think?
  14. NAC

    Bought a Mark II JZX81

    Yikes, 50km away from work? I'm looking for a new place (to rent, lets be honest I can't afford to buy anything in Vancouver) and have set my acceptable distance to 8km (sub 4km to the beach and sub 1km to a bar) ...but also thanks for chiming in Boris, glad I'm not the only fucker here without a wife and kids.
  15. NAC

    Bought a Mark II JZX81

    I don't even have kids and I had to drop projects. Guess I'm just bad at life...