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  1. xyooj

    WTB early x8 tail lights...

    How much you looking to spend? Theres a junkyard that has a bunch of old cars/goodies but the old fuck usually charges $50 for every piece of item and he pulls the parts for you. If you're serious I can go get em for you. Charge like $10 extra for gas monies.
  2. xyooj

    no oil pressure. HELP!

    Ok, so the piece of shit shoots oil out of all its holes after I took off the relocation kit. Im guessing maybe there wasnt enough oil (6 qts) or most likely the cheap filter relocation junk took a shit on me. Btw fuck you all very much for the help.
  3. xyooj

    no oil pressure. HELP!

    FUCK! That oil relocation kit was the last p.o.s I wanted to take off. Guess its gotta happen But yeah just a trial and error. start and turn off if i have pressure from both pressure switch and turbo feed. None. My dumbass did rev it a bit when i got it to start.. before I found out no oil pressure. Im a fuckin retard I tell ya.
  4. xyooj

    no oil pressure. HELP!

    Revved it up alright. Still no turblow and no pressure.
  5. xyooj

    no oil pressure. HELP!

    I like it here. Stupidmania is good too, but doesn't feel like home
  6. xyooj

    no oil pressure. HELP!

    Did I mention, help the retard? Im almost graduating out of speshal school. Ill double check the wiring
  7. xyooj

    no oil pressure. HELP!

    Did I mention, help the retard out? Almost graduating out of speshal school, but ill double check the wiring.
  8. xyooj

    no oil pressure. HELP!

    Ok so I swapped my 7mgte into my x7 and started up. Ran rough, though it was compression but firing order was fucked up. Hooked it up right. Ran good. Next I go and hook up the mechanical oil pressure gauge. No pressure. Wtf! Checked the turbo feed. None there too. I do have a oil relocation kit and double checked it. Theres oil in the filter so the pump must be working. Any ideas why no pressure? Help the retard out plz.
  9. Hey Softy, pretty gay if u fap to men.
  10. xyooj

    WTB: Is300 manual driveshaft

    If im not mistaken this guy was parting out a 5 speed is300. Maybe he will ship? http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/pts/4448390177.html
  11. xyooj


    Wow, you guys shredded his ass fast!
  12. xyooj


    Too much for a faggot stock cressida imo.
  13. xyooj

    WTB W58 shifter And MK2 half shaft

    What if its 5 piece? Lofty introduced me to the site.