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  1. TheUncannyJ

    WTB 89 Engine Harness

    Looking to buy a complete '89 cressida engine harness shipped to 33470
  2. TheUncannyJ

    NOOB MREL to standalone question

    Ok, Full retard question
  3. TheUncannyJ

    NOOB MREL to standalone question

    Perfect, thanks
  4. TheUncannyJ

    NOOB MREL to standalone question

    JZS161 into MX83 with Aem Infinity with patch harness. Found mx83 ecu pinout and wired BATT (full time 12v), IG SW (switched 12v), but my MREL and +B +B1 arent working correctly. MREL isnt getting power and the +B and +B1 are only getting 4v. I have power at the main relay in the engine bay and even tried swapping the AC relay in, and I also have power at the driver side kick panel at IGN. I see that most people tie together MREL and IG SW but on standard ECUs. What am I missing or would it not make a difference to wire these 2 on a stand alone?