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  1. Skeet1jz

    Im out the club.

  2. Skeet1jz

    Im out the club.

    Sorry, been busy with shit. The cold hearted state of Minnesota.
  3. Skeet1jz

    Im out the club.

    Fly out here, load it up all in the back of the truck. Drive home.
  4. Skeet1jz

    Im out the club.

    Spent a lot of effort and $ to get my corona going. A vengeful family member has heisted the title and tried to take it back with all the shit i have done to her. So i ripped all the shit out. This is for LEGIT JZXP members only, if Gordo don't like you, youre fucked. You get My running and driving 1980 pickup truck, 20r, w50 trans, and a 3.53 6.7" axle for some good highway mpgs. A 7.5'' axle, painted, Welded up, all new brakes and seals. A w58 out of a celica GT, will plop in no issues if you plan on building this truck into a 1jz. complete 1jz, didn't burn any oil, no twin turbos i junked em. Comes with single turbo manifold. XM manufacturing motor mounts that were for a RA Celica complete 2jzgte wiring harness, 2jzgte m/t ecu. The harness has a few wires that need repaired and 1 connector, can't remember. It's in great shape just dirty. $2000 for a running and driving pickup +w58 + 7.5 axle (handles 400+) + 1jz + ecu and harness I hate to do this but sometimes you gota sacrifice.
  5. Skeet1jz


    too much acid make your brain not work?
  6. Skeet1jz

    WTB: jzx a/c pump

    Do you have a part number???? I have one off my 1jz, shits been sitting in my garage for years. Wouldn't charge ya much for it.
  7. Skeet1jz

    Wtb: complete 1jz non vvti turba kit

    use brain, make your own.
  8. finna need a rear sump for a projectorino, comprehendo? Bueno.
  9. Skeet1jz

    The hell did i come back for...

    Made it look pretty while waiting on parts :D
  10. Skeet1jz

    The hell did i come back for...

    Both are from Tucson AZ. Corona i bought in Tucson when i lived there years ago, the truck i bought in Minnesota where i live now, shat my pants when guy said it was from Tucson. Old man 88 years owned it its entire life. Bout as old as you Gordo!
  11. Skeet1jz

    The hell did i come back for...

    The truck is getting the 6.7 with the low gear ratio. Also swapping the 5 speed from the corona W50, from the L43 (4 speed ). This truck use to be a Toyota RV. Will be fun not having 55 mph as a top speed!
  12. Skeet1jz

    The hell did i come back for...

    yes 7.5. From this guy.
  13. Skeet1jz

    The hell did i come back for...

    Engine is setup perfect, w58 went in great, well not really but i got lucky. Will have pics up here soon. Putting in rear axle from my 1980 pickup.
  14. Shit.... ima need me have me some of dat....
  15. Skeet1jz

    The hell did i come back for...

    Where would i be without the love! Triangulation needed.