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  1. Panda

    PANIC-WIRE www.panicwire.com

    I love coming in here and just looking at all this wiring porn. I'll be sure to hit you up soon for a quote for my 86. I've got this pile of blacktop and silvertop parts that will become an engine soon.
  2. Panda

    WTB Mx73 auto trans

    If anyone plans to make a trip to FL anytime soon, you can just take mine. Need that shit outta here.
  3. Panda

    X7 fitment: pics, tips, advice and all that

    Some OEM+ Shocks off a 96 Nissan pickup in the rear which are about 13" fully extended compared to the 19 3/4ish" OEM wagon shocks. My hopes that the new shocks would be closer to the correct length for the height of the car but they are actually a little to short and preload the rear springs a bit. I also did a very slight pull on the rear arches, but I really need to swap the 205s in the rear for 195s or 185s.
  4. Panda

    X7 fitment: pics, tips, advice and all that

    Somewhat back on topic... finally sorting out my rear suspension setup.
  5. Panda

    X72 Junk

    Really? Why would they switch to a rear with drums? I was under the impression these rears were pretty weak.
  6. Panda

    X72 Junk

    Ok, yah I can get all those little extras no problem and just throw them in a ziplock bag or something. Next time I'm going to the yard is Thursday after I'm done with exams, so I'll send ya my info so I can have it all shipped out on Friday.
  7. Panda

    X72 Junk

    I'm pretty sure it was grayish blue or maybe just gray It is an analog cluster without super monitor. Someone snatched the equalizer/cassette player out of it i'm pretty sure unless it is just somewhere else in the car and I grabbed the center console cover and a/c switches for mine.
  8. Panda

    X72 Junk

    Ok.. the longest mail triangles/tubes are 36". I'm thinking maybe the trim is bendy enough that I could put it in at an angle and it would be alright to fit in one of those. $10 (yard $) + ($15 postage) + ($10 my effort) = $35 and I'll ship 'em to ya.
  9. Panda

    X72 Junk

    The trim mouldings are there except for the front fender. Unfortunately they are directional because the cut for the wheel well so the other sides won't fit right. If you want I'll grab the 3 on the drivers side that are there, The longest one is just under 42" so I might be able to find one of those mail tubes. The yard will only charge me a couple $'s for the trim so it shouldn't be too bad price wise. What's your zip code so I can get an estimate on sending one of those tube things? You do mean the long black ones right? Or do you want all the little chrome window trims? Frozen Chosin: Ok, I will leave them intact but I'll probably need a good size box so shipping might be a little bit. The yard wants $55(after tax) for the two spindles and the USPS quote came to between 30-40 depending on the weight. So, if you are cool with like $100 bucks I'll pull them for you and get 'em shipped. I'll get you the picture of the pulley next time I'm there sometime before Friday.
  10. Panda

    X72 Junk

    I did not check to see if they were TEMS, but I assume they are not. Are you using them for coil conversions? If so ill cut the spring-seats off the spindle housings to make them easier/smaller to ship. I'll find out how much it will all be and get back to ya.
  11. Panda

    X72 Junk

    Ok, so I was surprised to see this x72 end up at the yards a couple days ago. Pretty fresh so most all is there minus a couple things I already snagged. If anyone needs shit off it and is willing to do postage + cost of part + maybe a little bit for my effort I'll grab shit off it for you. The front end is trash but the rest is good. There is a spare 5m sitting in the back of it.
  12. I'm sure this has probably been covered but what the hell; On my x72 I used a MKIII Supra master and clutch pedal. Re-drilled one hole in the firewall for the master and one on the pedal assembly for the upper mounting point. Easy peasy.
  13. Panda

    X7 fitment: pics, tips, advice and all that

    Front: 15x8 -10 (w/ 1/4inch spacer) Rear: 15x8 -24
  14. Panda

    X7 fitment: pics, tips, advice and all that

    I replaced my shit cut springs w/ the t3 kit and tophats. I did what most of the 86 guys do and shorten that shit up 40mm. The car can go as low as I want but I had to put on 1/4inch spacers for the wheel to clear the sleeve and spring. Even with an inch left to adjust down the sleeve it's stupid low, so I'm going to bring it back up a bit before I start driving it again. Ignore the rear end, it is jacked up a bit because I still have to rework the rear suspension.
  15. Panda

    What the hell did I do?

    Thanks dude, it's miserable to drive right now because the suspension is shit, but that should be fixed next week. I've got a pile of suspension shit ready to go.