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  1. Where I left off on the seat bases:



    Two things wrong...
    I can only get bolts into the inner edges of both the base, and the seat uprights.
    And with the uprights mounted as shown, I'm 3.5" too far back, if I reverse them, I'm still an inch too far back.

    Right now, the plan is to add an intermediate plate, or weld a 1" extender to the inside, and a 3.5" extension on the front.
    Then drill 1" holes down the outer edge to remove weight, and give it the 'race car' look... :wacko:

    This is what I get when I look at the car every 6 months, kind of loose track of shit.

  2. Oh, and an update to the cat repellent...

    Put the new covers on the X8, sprayed it down with 'Cat Mace', and took a trip out to the range to do an ammo test through all the mags for the AR45.
    When I returned about 90 minutes later, found this:


  3. By request, here is some of the dimensions for the rear Z32/R32 caliper adapter to use the JZX90 Tourer-V rear disks:


    The next time the cover is off the car, I'll pop a wheel off to fill in the blanks, and check the others.


  4. I shoot stray dogs with the blessing of the SA police.
    Besides I've found several cat repellents, bought 'cat mace'. They hate the smell.
    Hope it works, getting tired of buying a new cover every year.

    The bottom of the rear door where it starts to curve up towards the latch plate.
    Don't remember if there was any issue with the front of the front door area, that was beyond the range of my short term memory these days...
    Didn't see anything serious, so they went back in the shipping box for now.

    Started drilling holes in the bottom rails that Rue made. Not a damn thing square, or symmetrical in the X8 seat mount points, and I didn't want the huge slots that aftermarket mounts come with. Only have one side done, except for welding in the cross tie channel.

  5. Well, hell has frozen over, started eyeballing the Cressida again.

    Pulled the 4 deteriorating car covers, and 5 moving blankets off, and it got a bath.
    Then the main hoop was carried out, for a trial fit, but won't go past the center console, so that will needed to come, witch I have to pull the auto shifter anyway.
    The IS300 side skirts got a trial fit. They will need a little trimming, but nothing serious. So the BN side skirts will be sold now.
    Lastly, Rue's custom seat adapters went in, and marked for drilling, and where the carpeting will need to be trimmed.

    Does anyone know of a cat repellent that I can spray on the new car cover?

  6. Well, I may be posting more X-chassis stuff shortly.
    About given up on the Datsun truck, as it would probably be about a years project to bring back, even though I just located a free-be replacement box.
    I guy is bugging me to sell it. I told him only without the engine, maybe without the trans. If he doesn't want to pay the price of the wheels, custom radiator, and LSD, I'll just part it out, or park it in the back yard.

    My Cressida has been sitting way too log, damn it, and I have a lot more work into it than the old truck.

  7. Too late, by posting what I did on AR(idiots)15.com, it is already common knowledge.

    Been through that before, even on stuff I didn't post design info with. 
    There are a lot of starving small machine shops, and people who will send the info to chinky china to copy.

    No matter, I did it for myself.
    Next? Probably try to figure out how to do one in 9mm, or .22 rim fire.

  8. Newest build (Boom-Boom Stick)

    AR in .45 acp.
    Not a weak-ass blow-back action.
    Not even a direct impingement action.
    But a Piston Driven action.

    Had a 45 DI, piss poor POS upper made by a shit-kicker calling himself 'Macon Armory'.
    Yes, it worked, but because the only way he could get it to work was by putting the gas port right past the case mouth, which led to much gas in shooter's face when firing,
    and extreme fouling of the action.
    All the idiots on AR15.com raved over his .45 uppers because they couldn't build one themselves, hell they cant put a normal AR together without fucking it up.

    I had asked the idiot at Macon Armory (Rudy) before purchasing that piece of shit, if he had ever tried doing a piston system, he said yes, but could never get it to work.
    Then, after getting fed up with all the other issues with his POS upper I decided to tear the shit upper down, and have a go at a piston build.
    Contacted Adams Arms, manufacture of one of the 2 leading piston kits for ARs, and asked him if he had any insight on piston driving a pistol caliber carbine.
    He said it wouldn't work due to the low chamber pressure of a .45 acp round. That round only develops around 20,000 psi, where as a 5.56 is up around 60,000.
    That made perfect sense, but far from a limiting factor.

    Adams Arms piston kit:

    Being an engine guy, and well versed on all things fluid power (hydraulic & pneumatic), the path forward was clear...
    Want more power out of a NA engine, make it larger.
    Want a, let's say, a lift have more power, but have limited pressure available, use a larger cylinder.

    So picked up an 
    Adam's kit, and made a larger piston & cylinder for it.

    Their kits use a .312" dia piston,  so first try was 1/2" diameter.
    Almost, but not quite. It would try to cycle, but would not pull the spent case all the way out of the chamber.
    Tried going to the lightest buffer I could do, and a lighter buffer spring, and the case would clear the chamber, but not the locking lugs on the barrel.
    So back to the drawing board...

    Original Adams .312" piston & cylinder.

    .500 piston & cylinder

    Checked how much clearance there was from the piston, to the barrel, and had enough room to go to a .625" set up.
    I chose titanium for the cylinder & op rod on both these, to keep from adding weight to the parts that cycle.
    Let me say, machining titanium is not easy, especially tapping threads on older equipment without high pressure coolant system, or very controlled feeds & feeds that a CNC machine offers.

    .625" piston set up.

    Original & pistol caliber

    End result?
    It runs like a top!
    It runs clean, since no combustion gasses are released in side the action.


    The lower I used on this build was made for running M3 Grease Gun mags, so they are easy to come by, easy to load, and function perfectly.
    Unlike the POS Macon Armory propitiatory mags, that are only available from Rudy the jack-ass, and nearly impossible to load.
    Dip-shit's magazines only held 20 rounds, the grease gun mags hold 30, even though they are only 1/2" longer.

    Now, latest on my X8...

    Rue, made some custom stainless steel seat  rails, so I don't have to use sliders (which are for sale).
    After I drill the holes, each pair of rails will be connected (welded) with a SS U-channel.