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  1. Real Japanese seat bases. I believe they were made by Bride, for Vanner.
    Have been in my car forever, but going to non-adjustable for newest seats.

    Must be used with stock belt mounts (on tunnel side), which is safer, never rely on a slider lock to keep you off the dash if things go wrong.

    $200 + shipping.

    E-mail for pictures: duaxmachine  at sbcglobal dot net


  2. On 4/11/2022 at 9:09 AM, Demesio said:

    Gordo, this is a lost cause.. this cheap fuck will cry about it twice as long as it takes just to buy them so his car can just sit around not running "lowered"

    That is about what mine is doing....😒

    Accident in 2020 ruptured a disk in my lower back, last year suffered a collapsed vertebrae at work, no longer working now.

  3. Nice weld.
    Now are you going to use hay wire to hold it up, in that midwest tradition?

    Was watching one of the fake auto auctions today, and a Grand National came up, I realized that the X7 is kind of like that same Lego shape as that buick POS.
    So you are keeping with that whole Ronald Reagan theme, good job.

    Was Shitcago have as many shootings back then, or wasn't it as woke as today?
    Asking for a friend...

  4. Like your collection !
    I almost bought another X8 (#5), but the ass hole backed out of the deal.

    Had an '02 5-speed CR-V, was fun after I completely rebuilt the engine. Yes, that hydraulic rear end that does the 4WD function works great.
    Went through Texas mud really well. Still have 2 quarts of their special fluid.
    Unfortunately the left front wheel found a huge chunk of concrete on an off-ramp one night, and tore the whole suspension off.
    Insurance bought it. Maybe should have kept the engine, 5-speed, and rear diff for one of Rue's projects, but working 12 hour days kind of cuts into salvaging time.

    Have a Land Whale now (land cruiser), so if I want to trailer the X8 to an event, or to haul more project cars, I now have the towing capacity.

    Oh, and still have my crunched Datsun truck, just trying to find a good box for it.

    People like Jason, and my neighbors just don't understand...

  5. The Bosch EV14 injectors are supposedly meter fuel at very low pulse widths, which make secondary injectors unnecessary.

    I have 750s going into the 7M, for doing sequential injection, with them only being on when the valves are open, instead of up to 80%, and fuel puddling on the valve before it opens.
    Had to do a lot of digging to find split flow, in a horizontal pattern, but I did.
    Bosch # 0280158123.
    Everyone had them in an angled pattern, with one fuel stream hitting the roof of one port, and the base of the other. Makes for poor fuel distribution in the combustion chamber, which leads to detonation issues, unless you set it up overly rich.

  6. 46 minutes ago, Dewback9 said:

    De-tuned racecar for the street with lots of trick parts but "comfy enough" for the street.

    Now you can appreciate why I've had a bit of space shuttle syndrome with the car.

    I say fuck the "de-tuned" part, because all motor hear, but agree on the rest. Have the type-1 BM nose myself.

    I want to do two cross tubes, one at the bottom, and one at bumper height, plus lay some extra 'glass into the bottom to keep my nose from disintegrating if I come across a raccoon at night.
    Wish I had access to a tube bender, but am at the mercy of some damn cage builder, so pretty sure this will be a can of worms.

    Someone on here did make up a nice 'bash bar', don't remember who it was, but it would have done the trick. Seems like I asked about getting a duplicate, but don't remember ever getting a reply.
    I will have to do some digging later. Just checked, didn't keep a copy of the image.

  7. Nice my ass...
    Bling or the easily fooled.
    No seals, will fail within a year.

    Ships from Europe
    $10.88 ea., they ship world wide, take credit cards.

    eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Arm-Bushing-Rear-Assembly-FEBEST-TAB-168Z-OEM-A2113500306/222331162869
    $18 ea., comes out of Florida.

    Jeeze, guessing you still think you can use an I-phone in place of a PC

    Damn kids...