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  1. Gordo

    Who here lives in Okkie?

    Want an X8, with a sick 2JZ, partially finished, missing parts, questionable workmanship? And it's only $27,000!! Another unfinished X8 on eBay.
  2. An '89 X8 on eBay: 89 X8 in San Antonio Here in San Antonio. Not mine. Looks unmolested. Way too much money, someone found a deal, and flipping it, trying to make a huge profit...
  3. Starting to smell like sauerkraut around here...
  4. Gordo

    Chitown WaGN....project from hell

    I hate bingo 😒 Any good looking gradmas there?
  5. Holly fuck, didn't know that Allis Chalmers upper arms fit a Toyota... But being tractor parts, I doubt you will ever bend them. Nice seat! Where is the other one?
  6. Gordo

    Chitown WaGN....project from hell

    I remember when I was like 8 years old, going to the state fair, and there being a large lines at the freak shows. Just human nature...
  7. Gordo

    WTB MX83 Corner Lights

    LoL, Wut ? Did the scotch tape fail ?
  8. Gordo

    Chitown WaGN....project from hell

    So, are you being shunned at the Puick get together? You know, I and everyone else would give you more respect if you had put that engine in a '66 Buick Special wagon, or put a hyper 4AG into the X7. But we all make poor choices in life. I once asked a girl to marry me...
  9. Gordo

    Chitown WaGN....project from hell

    Oh, and if you need a tow, I'm only 23 hours away... I charge by the mile,
  10. Gordo

    Chitown WaGN....project from hell

    Hopefully, it won't go up in flames before you get there, so it can take other Puick V6s with it. Honestly, I wish you thee best of luck. You should live stream, just in case.
  11. Gordo

    Chitown WaGN....project from hell

    Make sure you post pictures when you put it on it's roof...
  12. Gordo

    Chitown WaGN....project from hell

    Well, if you say so... To me, it sounds more like a '64 Corvair with a FlowBastard muffler.
  13. Gordo

    Chitown WaGN....project from hell

    Most V6s sound like shit compared to a Toyota in-line 6...
  14. Real Japanese seat bases. I believe they were made by Bride, for Vanner. Have been in my car forever, but going to non-adjustable for newest seats. Must be used with stock belt mounts (on tunnel side), which is safer, never rely on a slider lock to keep you off the dash if things go wrong. $200 + shipping. E-mail for pictures: duaxmachine at sbcglobal dot net