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  1. Gordo

    1JZ-FSE Questions

    22R, it actually came in one model of the X8, the RX80. But if you really want mileage, don't start with a car that weighs 3500 lbs. for christ sake.
  2. Gordo

    WTB center driveshaft bearing

    Be careful of the rock auto shit..... Bought a center bearing from them for my Datsun truck, and the ass holes sent me one that the bearing was only shielded, not sealed. A shielded bearing is about useless for anything but inside a piece of machinery that spends all it's life inside a manufacturing plant. Shields do not keep out dust, dirt, water, dirty water, or ground up road kill debris. You have got to have a sealed bearing there, period. I was on the phone to them within 60 seconds of opening the package, and that piece of shit went right back to them. So if you look at that bearing, and you can't see rubber seals on it, only metal shields, you've been fucked. Sealed bearing: Not sealed bearing:
  3. Gordo

    DM AeroDesign MX83 Rear Roof Spoilers

    Nearly 4 years later....... If this isn't dead weight, nothing is.
  4. Gordo

    Family Truckster X83

    Take the jam nut off, like the idiot at XM suggested. If you then have enough adjustment to get the toe correct, machine the thickness of the nut off. (and then put the nut back on) Can't believe some moron at XM said to run without the jam nut....... Well, seeing some of their other poorly thought out ideas, I guess I can.
  5. Gordo

    1JZ-FSE Questions

    If you have to ask, you can't handle it.
  6. Gordo

    For Sale: WB Sport JZX81/GX81 Grill

    An overall length measurement would be more helpful. Pretty sure that would fit Brian's new car, or any with that style head lamps.
  7. Gordo

    For Sale: WB Sport JZX81/GX81 Grill

    Check this out: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/d339277696
  8. Gordo

    For Sale: WB Sport JZX81/GX81 Grill

    You know there were about 4-6 different front ends in Japan for the X8 Cresta/Chaser. I actually had 2 different 'glass ones, I'm wondering who got the other, Mo, or Jason ? If I remember correctly they were too short for the US X8. Should compare lengths with BoristheCat, at least his is new, in a box with pictures.
  9. Gordo

    For Sale: WB Sport JZX81/GX81 Grill

    With all the RHD cars coming into N. America, I'm sure you can get your money out of it. Especially because WB put pictures on the box of what front end it fits. Same with you Lofty, and probably more because I sold it to you cheap due to it not fitting the MX. There is a couple of those WB Sport grills on YJ right now, and they are going for what a front clip used to cost. Just like the OEM option rear window louver style sun shade inserts I have, there is one in Japan right now for $800 frigging bucks. Guess it's time I unwrap my car from it's cocoon, and figure out which of my inserts fits the N American rear window, and get rid of the other one.
  10. Gordo

    For Sale: WB Sport JZX81/GX81 Grill

    The fiberglass one ?
  11. Gordo

    For Sale: WB Sport JZX81/GX81 Grill

    Should ask some old fart before throwing $$$ at stuff.....
  12. Gordo

    Fuel cell's

    Just make sure you use chinese whiffle balls as they contain lead, like all toys out of china do. It leaches out, and improves fuel quality.
  13. Gordo

    Fuel cell's

    The only good fuel cells out there are the ATL, and Fuel Safe. Second on the list are any steel canister cells with a hard plastic liner. All plastic, or aluminum welded boxes from china are less safe than a stock tank. They are great looking, only the people who don't value their lives, as those welded seams are the weak point, and can rip open with even a slight impact. And who knows what E-85 does to them. When I run alcohol in a vehicle, the system is drained after every event, and flushed, just to prevent the corrosion that it causes. As far as slosh control, I hope you all realize that that fucking foam needs to be changed out yearly, as it turns into a soft, sticky substance the consistency of the white fluffy shit on top of a lemon meringue pie. It will clog a fuel system when it starts coming apart. (been through that once) If you want to go that way, and are willing to buy new stuff every year, you can add it to a stock tank, or buy some of the Holley Fuel Mat.
  14. Gordo

    Fuel cell's

    'cause 'race car' !
  15. And you don't see a strength issue with the forces involved, and a bunch of holes placed so close together in aluminum ?