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  1. Gordo

    Fiberglass parts D_ApexWorks mx83/jzx81

    More like big plans by the russki, but not enough spine to follow through, and not enough honesty to refund orders when things get backed up. Not as easy as he thought it would be, hence the quality going to shit. Or too much work to do things right on a timely manner. Probably has already spent the money, so can't refund, or it was taken by PayPal to refund those who paid with a normal, not friends & family type payment. A lot of lessons here on how not to purchase things on the internet...........
  2. Gordo

    Fiberglass parts D_ApexWorks mx83/jzx81

    So, you condone fly by night suppliers, who scam some people out of their hard earned money. Typical aussie, don't give a fuck about anyone else, as long as he get's his shit. Wonder how much your scamming the local blokes for this Russian shit?
  3. Gordo

    X8 motion ratios

    Three months, did you ever get around to do all this measuring ? How about dealing with unsprung weight by digging through the scrap yards to see if any of the late model Lexus rear uprights that are made out of aluminum come close to fitting the X8. What do your wheels weigh? If over about 15 lbs each, you are already making wrong choices. Same with brake rotors, what do yours weigh? While you are at it, measure unibody flex at those spring rates, to see what is moving more, the unibody, or the springs. I keep forgetting that I own an ex-Tokyo taxi, and not a Formula-1 car. I dream of having Rue change jobs, so he is around a 5-axis mill, and could whittle out uprights out of blocks of titanium, or titanium hubs. I salivate when I see ceramic coated titanium brake rotors. Considered buying titanium bolts for everything hanging out by the wheel. (spend thousands to loose 5 lbs of unsprung weight). But then I come to my senses, and remember what I have, and unless I win the Power Ball, none of the cool shit will ever happen.
  4. Gordo

    Fiberglass parts D_ApexWorks mx83/jzx81

    Has anyone been posting this shit on facebook ? Like fucking daily ?
  5. Gordo

    Fiberglass parts D_ApexWorks mx83/jzx81

    Suggestion: Put all the facts down into one document, and contact the nearest Russian embassy. Do the same with the FBI, and get a case number. Post what you have done on all the social media site, and forums this ass hole has been posting on, even if it means joining a lot of other forums. Ask if anyone else has been screwed, and to do the same. When they contact the FBI, have them reference your case number. The FBI will only get involved if the total dollar figure reaches $10k, but that is easily reached. I had to do this years ago when I put up about $3k for a sniper rifle that a big shot vendor on AR15.com was offering. It turned out that he was nailing a lot of people, and had a history of screwing people on other forums, not only just firearms. Once the FBI seen there was a history of his bull shit, they had a little talk with him, and I got my money back, as did several of the other victims. But I had to do a lot of research on my own, by tracing down his various e-mail addresses, aliases, addresses, etc..
  6. Gordo

    Fiberglass parts D_ApexWorks mx83/jzx81

    OK robaphent & whoremouth, seeing you were so positive on this guy, why don't you go to all the 'relevant' social media sites this con-artist hangs on, and post this ass hole Russian's activity ? Maybe people here should think twice about telling me to stop calling something is fishy with a new vender, and saying they smell like roses. Just maybe I may recognize something after 20 years of buying/selling on the 'net, to the tune of $2 million (US, not Canadian, or Australian). Brian, why don't you lock this shit down of every tom, dick, and harry using this place for free advertising ?
  7. Gordo

    Fiberglass parts D_ApexWorks mx83/jzx81

    Not even a year.... Wish you the best of luck with PayPal. Wonder how many other PayPal claims are pending against this guy ? Maybe all the members here (past & present) who said this guy was OK will chip in, and cover your loss if Paypal doesn't. .
  8. Gordo

    Sleeper MX83 build

    That's fine, let someone else get fucked over then.
  9. Gordo

    Sleeper MX83 build

    Care to name said shipper ?
  10. Gordo

    Sleeper MX83 build

    'tis just a bump in the road.... The costs over purchase price seems steep, just a few months ago picked up some SSR 16x8s that final price was about $450 over purchase price. Typical price to have tires removed has been less that $100. Did you have them flown over, or a boat ride? Nice wheels though.
  11. Gordo

    SCG 6 piston bracket kit

    So I fucking missed one out of three....... Picture: Kind of helps stop fuckery, it's not like no one has ever got fucked on this site....... (also is just plain courteous, and makes good business sense) Location: Helps eliminate mystery factor. Supra Forums used to have a great for sale set of rules that cut way down on fuckery: Min 50 posts (hard to do here, since few newbs make half that before they bail on an X-chassis) Real Name Picture Price (He met 1, wow....) Location Contact info Maybe I'll just start making posts in this section with a title 'Cressida Part - $100', then never reply to any info requests.
  12. Gordo

    SCG 6 piston bracket kit

    Good for you. Now, how about some info, Like where the fuck you are located. And a picture of said brackets. And maybe while you are at it, follow the rules of this forum, and post an intro.
  13. Gordo

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    Well, they are a pain in the ass to dial in, and now I'm finding that they atomize so well that as the weather gets colder, and wetter, having ethanol in the fuel, the damn things will ice the fuel nozzles up, and start dropping cylinders. I have to pull over and let them thaw out. About a minute is all it take, and it will run fine again. The colder the weather, the slower I have to run without it icing up. Took the cold air feed hose off from taking air from ahead of the radiator, to putting it behind it, and it's better. But what the fuck, it's a Texas truck, not a Southern Canada (Wisconsin) truck. And it quite a bit faster than it was with a Weber DGV What weird, it now starts, and idles so much better. In the 15 years I've owned this rat, it has never idled, or started as nice as it does now.
  14. Gordo

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    Since I've polluted this thread with Datsun stuff before, here is my latest addition to my rat truck: Vance & Hines drag bike carbs live !
  15. Gordo

    New Look / Same Poor Taste

    Works if you clean all the parts, and giving it enough time to set up. Did that on the rat Datsun truck of mine, with the only downside was the high durometer urethane that I used, that sat up like nylon. It transferred a lot of noise. Had to do this because of the difficulty of finding an OEM quality center bearing, which I finally did.